Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Last Of Its Kind, No EOS 5D Mark V?

Eos 5d Mark V

A few days ago we got a rumor suggesting the Canon EOS 90D and EOS 7D Mark II will not get a replacement. It seems we might see no Canon EOS 5D Mark V either.

A new and rather confident rumor suggests Canon will not release a 5D Mark V to replace the 5D Mark IV. The source of the rumor says Canon already stopped the development of the 5D Mark V some time ago. The source also claims that the EOS 5D lineup will not live on as a mirrorless version. Wasn’t the EOS R5 intended as a mirrorless EOS 5D series equivalent?

While we are somewhat inclined to believe Canon will not replace the EOS 90D and 7D II, we have a harder time with the EOS 5D Mark IV. This is a highly popular camera among professional photographers, and they are notoriously less fond of mirrorless technology than your average camera user. The EOS 5D Mark IV was announced almost 4 years ago and would be ready for a replacement. Less than a year ago there was a rumor suggesting the 5D V was on “Canon’s roadmap”.

So, no Canon EOS 5D Mark V?

Source: Canon Rumors

The Canon EOS R Mark II and EOS 5D Mark V Are On Canon’s Roadmap

Eos 5d Mark V

Wondered what’s going to happen with Canon’s full frame DSLR lineup? Well, Canon still wants to update the 5D series.

New rumor has it that both the Canon EOS 5D Mark V and the Canon EOS R Mark II showed up in an internal roadmap document.

We think it is out of doubt that Canon will replace the EOS 5D Mark IV, sooner or later, despite the success of the EOS R lineup. And it’s also to expect that Canon will announce a replacement for the EOS R, sooner or later. Canon is transitioning from DSLR and the EF mount to mirrorless and the RF mount, but it will not be a matter of a few years.

While the source of the rumor did not mention a timeframe, it’s safe to assume that both the EOS 5D Mark V and the EOS R Mark II will not be released that soon. Don’t expect it for the beginning of 2020. At least the EOS 5D Mark V might not be a 2020 affair but get released not earlier than 2021.

Stay tuned.

Source: Canon Rumors