All Oscars 2019 Nominated Documentaries Were Shot Using Canon Cameras

Oscars 2019

All Oscars 2019 nominated feature documentaries were shot with Canon gear.

So what might the reason Canon gear edges out the competition in the documentary category? And why are there no Sonys?

[via Cinema5D]

Want To Play With An EOS C300? There Is An App For That!

Thinking about getting an EOS C300 but $15,999 do really not fit into your budget? Or maybe you just want to play around with the settings (or mess them up) to learn the EOS C300 before taking the decision to buy or not? There is an app for that! Canon provided a nice menu simulator for the C300 (click here). A pretty useful tools that lets you move through the menu(s) and select the various buttons on the device.

[negativespaces via abelcine]