Canon EOS R1 Now Rumored To Be Announced In Q3 2023

Rf 24mm F/1.8 Rf-s Canon Eos R7 Eos R100 Canon High Resolution Eos R R10 Eos C5 Canon Eos R1 Eos R5c Canon Rf 16mm Rf 35mm F/1.2L EF Lenses Tilt-shift Lenses Rumor

It seems the rumors about the Canon EOS R1 got the usual shift in expectations. Now it is not earlier than the second half of 2023.

The Canon EOS R1, supposed to replace the EOS-1D X series, is now rumored to get announced not earlier than the second half of 2023. Says the source of the rumor:

With Canon and other manufacturers still suffering from inventory shortages, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. We also believe Canon wants to round out the lens lineup further before the EOS R1.

Announcement dates are mostly wild speculation until a few months before the announcement. That Canon will release an EOS R1 model is sure, for that matter, we just do not know Canon’s plans for the release of the EOS R1.

Stay tuned.

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Are Super Telephotos With DO and the EOS R1 Coming?

Rf 24mm F/1.8 Rf-s Canon Eos R7 Eos R100 Canon High Resolution Eos R R10 Eos C5 Canon Eos R1 Eos R5c Canon Rf 16mm Rf 35mm F/1.2L EF Lenses Tilt-shift Lenses Rumor

A new supercharged rumor emerged from the interweb of rumor mills. The EOS R1 and not less than 5 super telephoto lenses for the RF mount.

Let’s first see the lenses. All rumored to have DO (Diffractive Optics):

  • RF 400mm f/3.5 DO IS
  • RF 400mm f/4 DO IS
  • RF 500mm f/4.5 DO IS
  • RF 500mm f/5 DO IS
  • RF 800mm f/9.5 DO IS

All plausible lenses. Why Canon should put these on the market all together is another question (or another rumor). The source mentions prototypes, so likely not all the lenses are meant to hit the shelves.

The source of the rumor also claims that Canon might announce these super telephoto lenses along with the long rumored EOS R1. Maybe just a development announcement. The usual supply chain and similar are issues are also mentioned.

All in all we think there is little beef in this rumor. We already know with good confidence that Canon might release the EOS R1in 2022. As for the lenses, to us it seems a mixed bag of wishful thinking and some lenses that sooner or later will in any case be released. So, not much you can do wrong with this rumor.

Stay tuned.

Source: CR

The Canon EOS R1 Has Not Yet Been Announced, But People Is Imagining How It Might Look (R1 mock-up)

Canon Eos R1

We are still waiting for the Canon EOS R1, Canon’s upcoming mirrorless full frame flagship.

Never the less, fans are already fantasizing about how the Canon EOS R1 might look, which shape or form factor it will have.

User u/mirajoba on Reddit made the Canon EOS R1 mock-up you can see on top. Looks pretty futuristic, doesn’t it?

Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Company’s Last Flagship DSLR, Exec Says

Canon Eos-1d X Mark Iii Sensor

Yesterday a news about Canon broke over the Internet. Not only the source of the news wasn’t cited by the usual suspects, but it was also reported in a misleading way. broke the news reporting an interview with a Canon exec, Canon’s Chairman and CEO Fujio Mitarai. In the interview. Mr Fujio Mitarai states that the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III will be Canon’s last flagship DSLR. The future belongs to mirrorless:

The market needs are acceleratingly shifting to mirrorless cameras. In line with this, we are steadily shifting people

However, that does not mean Canon will no longer produce DSLRs, as some sites want you to believe. From the interview:

Demand for beginner and intermediate SLR cameras is strong overseas, so we plan to continue development and production for the time being.

It doesn’t really come to a surprise that Canon will no longer produce a flagship DSLR, given all the efforts they put into mirrorless. The next Canon flagship camera will be the Canon EOS R1.

Canon EOS R1 To Have 54MP?

Rf 24mm F/1.8 Rf-s Canon Eos R7 Eos R100 Canon High Resolution Eos R R10 Eos C5 Canon Eos R1 Eos R5c Canon Rf 16mm Rf 35mm F/1.2L EF Lenses Tilt-shift Lenses Rumor

Is this real? We got a tip from an unknown source about the sensor resolution of the upcoming Canon EOS R1.

According to our source, the Canon EOS R1 will feature a 54MP imaging sensor. While this is entirely possible, we recommend you take this with a grain of salt. Rumors about sensor resolution are seldom reliable until a few weeks before the announcement.

All Canon EOS R1 rumors are listed here. Stay tuned.

A Few More Bits About The Rumored Canon EOS R1

Eos R7 Eos R10 Canon Cameras Europe Canon Eos R1 Eos R Rf 14-35mm Olympic Games Ef-mount Rudy Winston

Shortly after we got the Canon EOS R1 rumor there was more stuff that surfaced from the interweb of rumor mills.

We were told that the Canon EOS R1 might get released in Q3 2022, and that it will “let all competitors behind” (whatever that means). Over there at Canon Rumors they got a few more bits immediately after we posted our rumor. Here are the new bits:

  • Global shutter? Despite being on the wishlist of many, it seems once more it was a hoax. No global shutter on the EOS R1.
  • Where is the EOS R1 positioned? According to a source, the R1 is “A jack of all trades, and a master of none. Except that it will be a master of everything.” (whatever that means(
  • Is the EOS R1 ready? Not yet, apparently. It seems some of the EOS R3 feedback will go into the EOS R1
  • How many megapixel will it have? More than the EOS R3 but no one knows yet how many. Might well be above the 45MP of the EOS R5.
  • Video? Most likely it will have 8K video on board
  • What about the price? Moe than the EOS R3 but less than $10,000.

As you can see, no real beef on the fire here. Sound more like educated speculation than specification to us. Time will tell.

Stay tuned…