Updated List Of Unreleased Canon Gear Spotted At Registration Authorities

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Nokishita posted an updated list of unreleased Canon gear that has been registered at wireless certification authorities.

As you can see in the list below, there are two cameras that will either be a DSLR or a full frame mirrorless camera (RF mount). The last item the list below (PC 2366) appears to be the already leaked PowerShot G7 X Mark III.

DS 126751 and Ds 126761 have different SKUs, which might mean these models will come in different color variations. Since DS 126751 is made in Japan (Oita plant), we think it is either a new EOS R model or a higher end DSLR (EOS 7D Mark III?). We expect Canon to make a major mirrorless related announcement on February, 14. It may well be about a new full frame mirrorless camera.

  • DS 126751
    • Digital camera (single lens reflex or RF mounting machine)
    • Made in Japan (Oita Plant)
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth equipped (WM 600)
    • SKU: 3380C003AA, 3380C013AA, 3380C023AA
    • Battery: 7.2 V 1040 mAh (LP – E 17?) Made in Japan (Oita Plant)
  • DS 126761
    • Digital camera (single lens reflex or RF mounting machine)
    • Made in Taiwan or Made in Japan (Oita Plant)
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth equipped (WM 600)
    • SKU: 3454C001AA, 3454C002AA, 3454C003AA, 3458C001AA, 3461C001AA
    • Battery: 7.2 V 1040 mAh (LP – E 17?)
  • PC 2355
    • Digital camera
    • Made in Japan (Nagasaki Plant)
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth equipped (WM 600)
  • PC 2366
    • Digital camera
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed (WM601)
    • Battery: NB-13L

Major Canon Mirrorless Related Announcement Set For February 14, 2019 [CW4]

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We can add a bit of information to our leak about a major, mirrorless related Canon announcement expected for mid February 2019.

We have been told that Canon is set to hold this announcement on February 14, 2019. We still have no reliable intel about what Canon is going to announce, but a new full frame mirrorless model is very likely. Some new RF lenses might also be on the plan.

In the past days a new moniker emerged from the web, Canon EOS RP, and we have reasons to believe it will be a new EOS R model. Our sources always suggested Canon would announce a high resolution model in Q1 2019. Others believe an entry level EOS R model is in the pipeline.

Stay tuned, more to some soon…

Major Canon Mirrorless Announcement Coming Around Mid February [CW4]

Canon Eos R Firmware

From a very good source we heard that Canon is set to make an important “mirrorless-related” announcement around mid February.

Our source didn’t know if it was about a new camera or about new lenses for the EOS R system (both are possible). However, after the leak about a Canon EOS RP model, we are rather confident Canon will announce a new EOS R model, which will likely be named EOS RP (P for professional?).

A new EOS R model is rumoured since a while. According to the people we talked to, it will be a high resolution model.

We feel very confident that our source gave us a reliable hint about the mid February announcement.

Stay tuned, more to come very soon…

Canon Set To Launch A New Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Soon, EOS RP?

Canon Eos R Firmware Update

Nokishita found the registration data for a new Canon battery grip, the “EG-E1”. This battery grip seems to come in three different colours.

Nokishita’s tweet says (machine translated):

There seems to be three colors of “EG-E 1” color change which seems to be Canon’s new model (battery?) Grip. It is unknown whether it is for racing model “EOS RP” which is rumored recently

And now you probably got the hotter piece of information: Canon might have a new full frame mirrorless camera ready, the EOS RP. Does the “P” stay for professional? We expect Canon to announce a high resolution EOS R model, and the EOS RP could well be this camera.

Stay tuned, there is more to come…