Canon Shuts Down Irista Photo Sharing And Storage Site


Canon is set to shut down the company’s photo storage and sharing site Irista.

The following email was send to registered users:

Sadly, we’ve decided to close down Irista. We would like to thank you for using it over the years; we hope that you’ve enjoyed the service.
Your account will remain unaffected until 31 January 2020, when it will close. On this date, your details and data will be deleted. Before this happens, you can download your photos and videos by following these three simple steps*:
1. Sign in to your Irista Account using your Canon ID,
2. Click the link next to “Download All Photos & Videos”,
3. Download ZIP files to your computer

A FAQ is available for more information.

Two things to note:

  1. Tags, photo ratings, titles, and albums can not be exported
  2. Canon provides contacted users with a promo code to get two months of cloud storage through Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

Canon announce new Irista, faster and smarter organised photo sharing


Canon updated Irista, the company’s photo sharing and cloud service. There’s a sneak peek of the new version here. And some answers to questions here.

From the Irista team:

We’ve had lots of feedback about irista, and later this month we’ll bring some big improvements:

Adding new photos to irista will be much quicker.

Zooming through time will be more fun, with our simpler design.

Better organised
Duplicate photos you add will be automatically removed and your photos will always be displayed by the date taken.

Free up space on your phone by automatically saving all your phone’s photos to irista with our iOS and Android apps.

Easily create and share collections with friends, whether they use irista or not.

If you have any questions or suggestions, just reply to this email.

Have a great day!

The irista team

Canon’s Live Stage Presentation Of Irista At Photokina (video)

Canon’s live stage presentation of their cloud-based service irista (10 minutes). irista was updated before Photokina 2014.


irista is available with a variety of storage options to suit individual requirements. The ‘entry’ tier offers up to 10 GB free-of-charge, while advanced enthusiasts or professional users requiring higher storage levels can choose from two advanced storage options, with 50 GB and 100 GB tiers available for the following monthly or annual cost:

  • Up to 50GB: £4.49/€4.99 per month, or £45.00/€49.00 per year
  • Up to 100GB: £9.99/€10.99 per month, or £99.99/€109.00 per year
To sign up please visit

[by Canon Europe on Youtube]