New Teaser for Nikon’s upcoming Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

Full Frame Mirrorless

Nikon posted a new teaser video for their upcoming full frame mirrorless camera. This one is about the new mount, which seems to be a big thing for Nikon.

There will be more teaser videos, one per week until the announcement on August 23, 2018.

This is Nikon’s Full Frame Mirrorless Camera (images), announcement 8/23/2018

Full-frame Mirrorless Camera

Thanks to whom it concerns.

We have a set of images of Nikon’s upcoming full frame mirrorless camera, which yesterday accidentally leaked.

While we still know almost nothing about Canon’s full frame mirrorless camera (all rumors), we are pretty sure Nikon will announce theirs in a few weeks. Specifications have already leaked. The announcement is rumored to happen on August 23, 2018.

Stay tuned!

Nikon set to announce their full frame mirrorless camera within a week?

Nikon Z 8 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Nikon Rumors

That’s what Nikon Rumors is reporting: Nikon might announce their first full frame mirrorless camera within a week.

They also got some information about pricing in Europe:

  • Nikon 45MP full frame mirrorless camera: €4,000 (around $4,670)
  • Nikon 24MP full frame mirrorless camera: €2,500 (around $2,900)

NR writes:

One possible (rumored) scenario is that 45MP Nikon mirrorless full-frame camera will be announced first (at the end of July) while the second 24MP Nikon mirrorless full-frame camera could be announced at Photokina. The shipping of at least one of the new Nikon mirrorless full-frame cameras is rumored to start at the end of August or in early September.

There is also a set of specifications for Nikon’s upcoming FF MILCs:

  • Two mirrorless cameras: one with 24-25MP and one with 45MP (48MP is also a possibility).
  • Similar body size to the Sony a7 camera but with better ergonomics and a better grip.
  • 5-axis in-body stabilization
  • 9fps
  • New mirrorless mount.
  • The new mirrorless mount will allow for f/0.95 lenses
  • Memory cards: XQD and CF Express
  • EVF resolution: 3.6MP
  • Initially, three lenses will be announced: 24-70mm, 35mm and 50mm (the 35 and 50mm could be f/1.4). There is also talk about a 24mm, but it may come later.
  •  Pricing:
    • The 45MP model will be around $4,000/€4,000 in a kit with the 24-70mm lens.
    • The 25MP model will be under $3,000/€3,000 (also with a lens).
  • The official announcement is rumored for the end of July (on or around July 23rd) and shipping shortly after (August 23rd).

All in all, the rumored specifications describe a very interesting camera. And Canon? For the time being everything surrounding Canon’s full frame mirrorless camera is a big mess.

What do you think? Is it possible that Nikon will announce their FF MILCs within a week?