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The Top 10 Secret Tips To Become A Better Photographer

It's so easy…

1. Take pictures.

2. Take more pictures.

3. Take even more pictures.

4. Take even more than more pictures.

5. Take pictures when you don’t want to.

6. Take pictures when you do want to.

7. Take pictures when you have something to say.

8. Take pictures when you don’t have something to say.

9. Take pictures every day.

10. Keep taking pictures.

[via photofocus]


  • Pei

    All those people using instagram will be pro in no time.

  • Alex_M

    Do not take pictures for everything you see
    Do not print every pictures you did
    Do not show every prints you have

  • Bob B.


  • TinoXcaliber

    Do not take picters, take video instead.

  • Henrik

    It’s so wrong.

    Here some suggestions.

    Do not take pictures all the time.

    Look at pictures that wow you and ask yourself what’s special and how they achieved it.


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