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The 4 years old Canon EOS-1D C does 4K better than Nikon’s brand new D5

The 4 Years Old Canon EOS-1D C Does 4K Better Than Nikon’s Brand New D5

Among all the discussion about 4K, EOSHD’s Andrew Reid posted an interesting article where he compares the Canon EOS-1D C with the Nikon D5. The EOS-1D C was released 4 years ago, the Nikon D5 a few weeks ago.

Well, It appears the EOS-1D C does 4K better than the Nikon D5. Writes Reid:

This time it’s a win for Canon. Although it was released nearly 4 years ago in 2012 the Canon 1D C remains superior to the current Nikon D5 flagship for 4K, which I find puzzling because technology goes a very long way in 4 years. Read the review…

I always said that Canon knows how to implement 4K on a DSLR, and that they did it right. Sony does also, but you have to deal with overheating and consequent sudden shutdowns of the camera. I didn’t expect Nikon to implement 4K worse than Canon did 4 years ago. 4 years are a long time in technology.

I expect the EOS-1D X Mark II to feature 4K, as well as the EOS 5D Mark IV (or whatever it will be named). I think it is now no more a matter of rumors but just a matter of common sense. Both the EOS-1D X Mark II and the EOS 5D Mark IV simply can’t go to market without having 4K. As conservative as Canon may be, they can no longer afford to release both cameras without 4K. Don’t forget that it was here on Canon Watch where it first leaked that the EOS 5D Mark IV may feature 4K.

Nikon D5

  • Pancanikonpus

    are you sure about this –> “Sony does also, but you have to deal with overheating and consequent sudden shutdowns of the camera. ” ?

    • animalsbybarry

      Totally not true…!!!!
      Firmware version 3.0 has completely eliminted the overheating issues !

      • animalsbybarry

        Your post about A7Rii video overheating is totally false and you should print a retraction.

      • Rick

        did it? or did they simply up the warning temp level?

        or simply remove it all together?

        • animalsbybarry

          The ” warning temp level” is fairly arbitrary and does not represent the actual temperature at which damage would occur.
          If as you suggest they merely reset that level, the camera will still opperate safely and not shut down during use.
          So the problem has indeed been fixed, even if your accusation is completely true.
          It is also possible that processing efficiency has been improved by rewriting code, therefore less heat is produced.
          We do not know exactly what they did to fix the problem…which only occured on rare occasions to begin with…but the problem is definitely now fixed and this post delberately makes an accusation that Admin knows to be false in order to make the Canon camera appear better.

    • Very cool screen name! :-)

  • Christian Wilde

    Well the D5 only does 3mins of 4K anyway, so is there even a point to compare them?

  • SoapyEyes

    Yes, the Canon does amateur 4k in 8 bit…for the price of $8000, body only.

    The Panasonic GH4 does proper 4k in professional 10 bit….for the price of $1000, body only.

    Both Canon and Nikon are sucking at video right now, saying one is better than the other is stupid, they’re equally terrible.

    For $8000, the minimum should be 10 bit video and a global shutter. Canon has neither. It is an outdated camera, even by decade old standards.

    • Rick

      lol decade old standards?

      you do realize the 1DC was released before the GH4 right?

      also the 10 bit GH4 is only on external recording if I recall correctly, otherwise it’s 4:2:2 8 bit.

      not to mention in case you weren’t aware – the 1DC is basically a 1DX with video options, and last time I checked, there was a pretty wide gap to what 1DX could do versus a GH4.

    • nnikba

      The comparison is between the Canon 1DC and the brand new Nikon D5 for video capabilities

  • MonkeySpanner

    Jes, hence the “c” in the name of the 1DC! Its a cinema camera for christs sake. I would pull my hair out if it could not do 4k better than a camera designed for maximum sports stills performance. Oh, and in addition, if Nikon has not made it perfectly clear by now that are completely uninterested in video.

    • Rick

      canon gave it that moniker however for all purposes it’s a modified 1DX

      • MonkeySpanner

        Yes, modified to record high quality video!

  • animalsbybarry

    I am constantly amazed at the ability here to completely ignore reality and always find the Canon superior.
    Here it is claimed that a 51,200 max iso camera has superior 4k to a 3 1/2 milion iso camera that does 4k video.
    And of course they have found some nut case to support it.

    • peevee

      The maximum ISO allowed has nothing to do with image quality at the same ISO (which is about the same), or usability of these high ISOs (which are not going to be useful over 100k even downsampled to 5mpix).

    • Rick

      I am constantly amazed by those that look at spec sheets to determine superiority.

      PS .. canon doesn’t spout off “expanded” ISO as it’s normal ISO range. it goes 100-51200 by default, 200k expanded.

      the D5 does 100-104K

  • peevee

    Since 4k on D5 is cropped, you can use cheap DX lenses for it (for example, if due to the crop you miss wide angle). Unlike Canon EF-S lenses which cannot be used on EF cameras.

  • Personally If I were buying either of those cameras (D5 or 1DX (Not C)) it would be for stills and I could care less if it shot 4k or even video at all.

  • Wade Marks

    I think you have to consider use cases for video on a dslr. A dslr is really a poor choice as a video platform. There was a boomlet regarding dslr video for a time, but that has passed as other tools have entered the market. Even the guy who kind of started the trend…Vincent Laforest…has moved on to other dedicated video equipment for actual video work…he still uses Canon dslr’s for stills.

    I really don’t know why any serious pro would want to use a dslr for video. And the Canon 1DX series is aimed at pro’s. There are better tools: dedicated video cams, and yes, some mirrorless models, including the Panny GH4 and some of the Sony models. You also have cameras like the GoPro’s. I know a guy who used to do pro work using Canon dslr’s, and has now moved onto GoPro’s and loves them for what he does.

    I can see how an amateur might want to, say, take a 70D to Disney, and take both stills and some video snippets…but as a pro tool, why use a dslr? If you look at when pro’s have used dslr’s for video, they have to bolt onto them all sorts of other equipment to make them usable, which increases size and cost.

    I do think the next Canon 1DX model and 5D model will have 4K; it almost has to in order to check off a box on a spec sheet. And 4K can be interesting in terms of extracting some usable still frames from the video. And I can see how a pro, using a Canon 1D, or going back to the Nikon D5, may occasionally want to record a very small video snippet. And Canon does have this great dual pixel AF which is great for video.

    But I think all of this jockeying for marketing position regarding dslr video is rather silly, esp. at the top end. For instance, let’s say you have ESPN and Sports Illustrated buy a bunch of the new 1DX’s for their still photographers to use at the Olympics. Does anyone really think that they also will not have dedicated video shooters using real video cameras also, taking far better footage far easier than using a dslr?

    • Wade I totally agree!! I think that some people want a camera that does everything, is the best at everything and doesn’t cost too much. Ok, nothing wrong with that but why bash manufacturers for not delivering? That may sound silly but if they did make that “everything camera” they would still bitch about something that’s not good enough about it…. Find problems / create problems to find….. First would be the price. An everything camera won’t be cheap and won’t be light or small either. I came from film in the 80s and got into digital in the late 90s. My first two DSLRs didn’t even have live view much less video. Video started out as an afterthought on digital point and shoots and cellphones. It has evolved into a one device does all and I have absolutely No Problem with that. However, dedicated / specialized photographic cameras and video cameras still are produced for a reason. You and I understand this but some people refuse to.

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