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The After Photokina Canon Rumors Round-Up (7DII, 70D, 700D and the high res cam)

EOS 3D mock-up, image credits:

After all the expectations and the heat of Photokina, it’s time to go back to business as usual. That means rumors, and there is a bunch of new ones to discuss.

NL has been told that you can expect to see a high megapixel DSLR that will showcased at the PhotoPlus exhibition in NY, from October 24th to 27th. Seems like the price and the performance of Nikon’s D800 is somewhat worrying Canon. The rumor suggests the following specs for the high res DSLR (which may be named EOS 3D, and may be available later next year):

  • 46.1MP
  • 5fps
  • 16bit
  • ISO: 100-12800

This is not the first time a rumor about a Canon high res DSLR shows up. We reported about time ago.

There is more, still coming from NL. And this one is no less than about a new sensor design, supposed to appear during next year. It comes bigger: this new sensor design is said to show up not just in the high res camera we discussed above, but also in the EOS 7D Mark II, EOS 70D and EOS 700D. Delays in the development of this sensors may have pushed the massive firmware upgrade for the EOS 7D.

Take rumors with a grain of salt, as usual. But be also aware that they happen to be true. When we reported the rumor about an entry level DSLR by Canon, it seemed to be rather implausible to lot of people. And then, last week, Canon announced the EOS 6D. What I want to say: a high megapixel DSLR by Canon is plausible, not just because Nikon has one. It is plausible because lots of professionals need high resolution sensors.

[via NL]

  • justin

    “…it seemed to be rather implausible …”

    well thr 6D is a rather implausible camera.

    it´s a stripped down 60D with a FF sensor for twice the price.

    only morons would choose it over the D600…. or people like me with a lot of canon glass who are forced to buy canon. but thank god i have a 5D MK2 already.

    • Nawaf

      I totally agree. D600 is the camera to get. As you I’m in the same boat when it comes to glass.

      If the 7D II doesn’t come with an APS-H sensor then it will be a fail by Canon again. There can be a crop mode, isn’t a big deal if you don’t own FF glass or need more reach.

      Nothing wrong with the low end performing just as good as the high end (eg. Nex by Sony). Canon doesn’t seem to get this. Not to mention their ridiculous pricing when compared to offerings from Nikon.

      • justin

        the worst thing are the numb canon fanboys who will buy this crap anyway.

        im a canon users since 1980s but over the past 2 years i lost faith in canon.

        the 6D is clearly a underspecd and overpriced camera when you compare it to nikon. still canon fanboys defend the camera.

        that´s plain stupid…. canon will think they can get away with it.

        we canon user have to voice our opinion.. and don´t stick the head in the sand out of brand loyality.

        without my canon glass i would buy the 500 euro more expensive D800 within a second!!

        and the D600 is cearly the better photographic product then the 6D.

    • Alan

      So… a pre- announcement of a camera covering Nikon’s latest in the hope of stopping some “defections”, and vague rumors floated about releases next year (for the same reasons?).
      Yes, Canon seem to be really struggling now, primarily because they can’t match Sony sensors……does that present a possible solution to your mind….?

  • Klara

    this says it all:

  • Arize

    I agree. Canon has been disappointing this year. My investment in their lenses and related accessories is what prevents me from jumping all over the A99. I will continue to work with my 5DII but if by this time next year, Canon’s value proposition continues to be under spec-ed cameras and ever more expensive lenses then I will take a loss on the sale of my gear and switch systems.

    • Klara

      well in that case you can switch today.

      you don´t really believe canon will introduce some more FF DSLR´s in 2013?

      there will be the 7000$ high megapixel model and that´s it.
      the next round of canon FF DSLR´s will be released in 2014 i guess.

      i don´t expect the 5D MK3 to drop 500$ to 2500-2700$ over the next 12 month.
      and even when…. the D800 will sure cost only 2100$ then.

      today i can buy a D800 for 2599 euro… the 5D MK3 cost 2999 euro.

      canon has lost it…..

  • Carl

    Hmm, I took a hit when I bought two T90’s new in ’86, then Canon dropped the FD mount. I’ve waited years for a decent replacement (although I bought a 300D and I’m still using it!)but pricing and specs make a D800 look attractive.
    I changed from Olympus to Canon because the T90 was a better camera than the OM-4 Ti, so I am now on my 3rd lens mount, a 4th will not be too hard to stomache if required.

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