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The Canon EOS 6D Mark II may be announced earlier than July 20/21, 2017


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A few days ago we have been told that Canon will announce the EOS 6D Mark II, Rebel SL2, and a new entry-level MILC (suggested to be named EOS M20) on July 20 or 21, 2017.

The rumor came from a new source and was rated CW2. I have now reasons to believe that Canon may announce the highly-anticipated-still-covered-by-mystery EOS 6D Mark II and the other gear earlier in July 2017. Canon EOS 6D Mark II and Rebel SL2 kit descriptions have been leaked on always reputable Nokishita, a fact suggesting  the announcement may be closer than July 20/21.

The unusual thing here is that we still know nothing reliable about the EOS 6D Mark II. If the announcement is a month (more or less) away, I hope some information will leak soon.

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II may have these features:

  • A newly developed sensor, 28MP is the most likely resolution
  • Dual Pixel AF will be on board. Canon is featuring DPAF on entry-level DSLRs, we can expect it for sure on the EOS 6D Mark II
  • Price around $2,000
  • Unlikely to have 4K video
  • Upgraded AF system
  • Touchscreen
  • Tiltable display
  • Digic 7 (likely)
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Larger viewfinder than EOS 6D
  • Slightly larger than EOS 6D

Stay tuned.

  • EVVK84

    Come on dinosaur, chock the market and remove the damn mirror. Beat the Sonys entry level A7II and put IBIS in there. You still got the ergonomics, but certainly there are some improvements that could be done… freakin Google Pixel takes better pictures that these specs.

    • Rick

      “Google Pixel takes better pictures ” yeah sure.. lol.

      • EVVK84

        Don’t underestimate the engineering if you haven’t tried it, Something that can take a 20frame burst without the user noticing it and merging it together gives a way more pleasant dynamic range than a single 6D raw would.

        It’s mind-blowing what those small sensors are capable off. And then you think what this dinosaur company does? -Well yes they sell printers too, not just crappy cameras. Surely a bankruptcy saver!

        It’s time that they wake up and stop fooling customers and investors that they are dying. Like Steve Jobs mentioned in the lost interview: Software(&firmware) development is one of the few things in life thats worth the extra effort and cost.

        • Rick

          except you could rattle off a burst on the 6D and do the same. superresolution,etc has been out there for a long long time.

          what you can do in one format you can do in another.

          • EVVK84

            That’s called customer harassment. Each step is multiplied by the amount of pictures and effort needed. Insanity.

          • Rick

            good grief.. do you have any idea what kind of idiotic blathering you’re doing?

          • Dylan Wood

            Best not to interact with him any more Rick, anyone that compares a cell phone to a DSLR shouldn’t be shooting with an actual camera.

    • Just another childish SAR troll… Pay him no mind.

      • EVVK84

        Sure, I’ve nothing to hide, I’m an ex Canon shooter.
        I was awaiting 6Dmk2 or 5Dmk4, 2-3 years ago. Somehow the A7rii came along and promised to adopt all my lenses. Terrible nightmare at that time on launch. One by one converter all the canons to natives and it rocks. EYE-AF is majestic.

        Now I only have some ZE (Canon EF) Zeiss lenses left, and yes the focus peaking/magnyfing in EVF is also actually usable compared to slow and crippled liveview magnifying that Canon offered. I don’t regret switching at all. 4K video came as a bonus.

        Editing the RAWs is wet dream, 3 stops up or down and it’s still printable!

        • Rick

          if you are going 3 EV up or down, you need to learn more about photography, versus worrying about what cameras are coming out.

          • EVVK84

            And the world is flat? You have no idea what you are missing.
            6D is super-flat compared to Nikon 8×0 or any a7 Sony.
            It’s not about exposure just dynamic range. Go figure why are people still shooting analog (in “small” 35mm formats)?

          • Rick

            ugh. yeah.. better lay off the cough syrup or head back to SAR.

        • Glad you are enjoying your Sony gear but what is the point coming here and posting derogatory and childish comments? You’re just making yourself sound like a jerk and instead of converting Canon users to Sony your are driving them away. I have read so many nasty comments from Sony shooters bashing Canon and Canon users (and other brands) over the past few years that I would avoid buying a Sony camera no matter how good it is or you or anyone say it is. I Don’t want to be part of that kind of crowd. I Don’t go to SAR and bash Sony or people that use Sony.

          I have a Sony actioncam and bought my wife one for Christmas since she liked mine so much. I don’t go to GoPro sites and bash GoPro because I use a Sony actioncam.

          Don’t like Canon? Don’t buy Canon products. Complain to Canon. But grow the Hell up!!!

          • Christian Wilde

            I think that we shouldn’t pretend that Canon users aren’t doing the same. If you look in the right places every “crowd” is bashing some other user group. Taking that as a reason to not buy Sony doesn’t really seem practical. By that logic you shouldn’t own any camera system. ;)

          • Deep Freeze

            @Christian Wilde: Shame on the Canon Users that are but the self-righteous Sony crowd is by far the worst. I don’t get it either.

    • Deep Freeze

      Full frame any brand versus smartphone and you think the smartphone is better. You’re not very smart!

  • Robot Geci

    As soon as the 6D mk 2 comes out, and the 6D mk1 price drops, I’m gonna buy it so quick that an A9 won’t be able to track me with it’s AF.

    • Yeah! Me too!

      • Dylan Wood

        I wouldn’t expect it to drop very much, plus why buy old tech??

        • Robot Geci

          Because it’s full frame, supports EF lenses natively and I always focus and recompose, it’s battery is good for a full holiday with one charge, built like a monster, costs 1500 with the 24-105, so I won’t cry a river if it gets lost or stolen, and because I use it for fooling around I’m completely fine with it.

        • Because it still will give quality results for the price provided the price is right. I’ll wait and see what the 6D sells for at Canon Direct Refurbished on Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Also it will depend on the specs and price of a new 6D Mk II as to what I’ll do. Ultimately the best bang for the buck that falls within my camera budget is what I’ll buy. Sometimes Canon and B&H have some incredible limited time bundle deals on new gear. I’ll keep an eye out for that too.

  • T N Args

    It should have the same sensor as 5D IV.

  • Pancanikonpus

    6D2 make Canon proud again! lol…

    • Deep Freeze

      Cool handle and fitting avatar!

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