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Three Canon EOS M Kits In Stock At DigitalRev (and Gizmodo EOS M review)

Three different Canon EOS M kits in stock at DigitalRev, all are ready to ship:

  • Canon EOS M with EF-M 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM (click here)
  • Canon EOS M with EF-M 22mm f/2 STM (click here)
  • Canon EOS M with EF-M 18-55mm and EF-M 22mm (click here)

The price of the kits depends by your check-out location. To see all of the Canon EOS M kits in stock at DigitalRev click here.

Gizmodo published a very positive review of the Canon EOS M. The small size makes the difference for Gizmodo’s reviewer. It’s true that the Canon EOS M is barley larger than a staple of card, yet featuring an advanced APS-C sensor and lots of functionality and features.

More than a shrunken down DSLR, the magnesium and stainless steel build and smooth lines remind us of Canon’s slick, consumer-minded Powershot cameras like the Canon s100. The EOS M has been stripped of everything that could add any bulk to it and it shows in its size: the camera with kit lens and battery included weighs just 14 ounces. That’s crazy light. Canon basically built a box around an image sensor.

Gizmodo’s conclusion:

We’ve been waiting a long time for a compact interchangeable-lens camera from Canon, and from the looks of it the Canon EOS M is a winner. Some of the traditional questions about mirrorless cameras remain, though. Will the camera be practical and easy enough for regular consumers who want a more powerful camera? Is the camera powerful enough for someone who’s used to a DSLR? At $800 with the 22mm lens, it’s not the cheapest camera of its kind out there, but it’s mighty reasonable considering others can cost upwards of $1000. We’ll know for sure how good a deal it is when the Canon EOS M is available in October.

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