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Vacuum Cleaner Accessory To Remove Sensor Dust (update)

Remove Sensor Dust

The object in the picture above is a new accessory for cleaning your DSLR’s sensor (remove dust on sensor). It’s actually the same principle of a vacuum cleaner, packaged into a lens shape.

The accessory is made by Chinese manufacture Nisshin Seiko, and for the time being it is available only for Canon mounts. Yes, you mount the “cleaner” on your DSLR as you would do with a lens. The accessory comes with a red ring that in some way resembles Canon’s “L” lenses.

The retail price is 3,500 Yen/210 Yuan/$34. For the time being it is not available in the USA.

Update: via DCFever I found the following video on YouTube (spoken in Japanese). It appears that the “vacuum cleaner” is (also) produced by the Japanese company Fujin.

Remove Sensor Dust


[ via The New Camera]
  • R Leung

    Seems like a bad idea. You could end up “dislodging” a weatherproofing seal in the camera or sucking in more dust into a non-weatherproof body.

  • man

    This is a joke, right?

  • JonSmeeth

    It’s interesting, but how to ensure the incoming filtered air reaches far enough into the sensor before it gets sucked out? From a fluid dynamics POV, as soon as the incoming air leaves the barrel, it u-turns and gets sucked out, so no chance of the air reaching anywhere farther than the mirror assembly.

    Unless the barrel extends all the way to the sensor surface, dust removal may not be effective.

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