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[Video] Music Video Made Using 250 EOS 60Ds

Japanese band Androp made this music clip using 250 EOS 60D cameras, mounted on a steel frame and interconnected through a computer. The cams were not used to shot pics, but the mounted flashes were used to make up a big pixel screen. Being driven by a computer, the flashes can produce any light pattern you may wish. Ah, the song is called “Bright Siren”. There is just one thing that’s not clear to me: why the heck did they use all those cameras for their lighting FX?

The EOS 60D is a great DSLR. Check here to see the latest pics uploaded to Flickr, and/or check the live-ticker below for possible EOS 60D deals:

[via bitrebels]
  • Physica

    this movie is made a long time ago , but I’m still impressive.

    • Frank

      pretty sophisticated and expensive lightshow

  • Alex

    Dude, this appeared on at least 1 year ago. Bring in the fresh rumors!

    • Frank

      Well, it’s not a rumor, just a funny video

  • Sean

    Why do the cameras have lenses on them if they aren’t taking pictures?

    • Frank

      Good point man!

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