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[Video] That’s The Way Canon Camera Gear Comes To Life

This is an educational video made by Canon, showing the various steps it needs to build a digital camera. Not only Canon is explaining how they build a digital camera, there are also giving some insights about how a digicam works, i.e. which science lays behind our much beloved gear. The video lasts a little less than 13 minutes. Lenses are also covered. Enjoy it!

[via PP]

  • GreyOwl

    Interesting and enjoyable even for a non canon owner. :-)

  • Gotta love the cheesy 80’s educational video music :-)

  • Bob B.

    After watching the shameless self-promotional video with badly dated music and narration..I can understand the cost of a camera..and the time we have to wait with delays, etc. to receive one seems to put the cost into perspective….The overall view of the process is quite astounding.

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