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Voigtländer 28 mm f/2.8 ColorSkopar SL II N Comes With EF Mount

Voigtländer added a new lens to its SL II line-up, the 28 mm f/2.8 ColorSkopar SL II N (machine translated). The lens comes with a Canon EF mount too (the other is for Nikon) and has manual focus. The price will be around €550/$673.

Focal length 28 mm
Aperture ratio 1:2,8
Minimum aperture F 22
Lens construction 7 elements in
6 groups
Angle 74.8 °
Diaphragm Blades 9
Shortest Distance setting 0.22 m
Macro area 1:5
Max diameter 63.3 mm Nikon AI-S
70.0 mm Canon EOS
Length 24.5 mm Nikon AI-S
27.0 mm Canon EOS
Weight 180 g Nikon AI-S
Canon EOS 230 g
Filter Size 52 mm
Color black
Connection AI-S (CPU integrated)
Canon EOS
Model 19 650 Nikon AI-S
19 651 Canon EOS
Retail price 529, – € Nikon 
549, – € Canon
Optional Accessories LH sunvisor 28N
  • Jeff

    I LOVE Voigtlander! I only have 3 lenses; the Voigtlander 20,40,&90. They are beautifully made and render a beautiful image. I’m excited that Voigtlander keeps putting out these quality lenses for Canon EF. Unfortunately this isn’t a focal length that interests me. My next Voigtlander purchase will be the 58mm 1.4 when it finally comes for EF mount! This is exciting none the less.

    • Bob B.

      I have a 21mm f/2.8 Zeiss….The 28mm would be a nice flow for me…plus it looks so small!

    • Bob B.

      Hey Sean….are the lenses CPU connected that you have … …do you get focus confirmation???????

      • Bob B.

        Sorry…my last comment above was to Jeff.

        • Jeff

          Bob. Yep, the EF mount lenses DO have focus confirmation! It’s really made my not miss autofocus at all, I can focus quite fast with these and feel very confident I nailed it as soon as the focus confirmation beeps. Super easy, plus the manual focusing is a dream compared to normal Canon/nikon lenses. All in my opinion of course. But you can see most people agree. Oh, just saw you have the Zeiss 21, this will work essentially the same. Focus confirmation, Exif data, Aperture is controlled by the camera and not by a manual dial on the lens for the EF version. Hope that helps!

        • Jeff

          As for the size this looks like about the same as the 40mm, which is super small. I love the small size! Even the 90 is small for a medium telephoto. I know the Zeiss lenses for Canon are incredible, but they’re also have the size and weight to go along with that. That’s fine sometimes, but I love traveling light. And the Voigtlanders help me do that. Anyway if you’re intrigued by the size, you should try it! It’s addicting.

          • Bob B.

            Thanks for all of your input Jeff. it is swaying me to consider this lens. The reviews on ALL 28mm lenses for FF Canon Cameras are nothing to write home about. Seems all manufacturers concentrate their quality optics more on the 35mm & 24mm focal lengths. Cosidering the Voigtlander’s small size in the equation, I think I may take one of these lenses for a spin when it’s available and see what I think….

  • Bob B.

    Frank….any reviews or third party info regarding this lens…I am WAY more interested in this lens than the Canon 40 mm pancake….I need to read someone’s take on the lens. Thanks.

  • Sean

    Pretty expensive for a manual focus lens that’s no faster than f/2.8. I’m sure we’ll hear how it has great microcontrast and a “look” that rivals Zeiss… meh…

    • bioud

      Aren’t they manufactured by cosina also ? (i’m pretty sure M mount zeiss are)

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