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Will RED Kill The Canon (and Nikon) Predominance?

According to this fstoppers’ article RED’s next cameras might be the Canon (and Nikon) killer in the near future.

They start the article with…:

[…] After making a huge splashes in the motion-capture industry since 2005, Red has big plans to be the only camera system you use on set for both your motion AND still photography needs, and it’s closer to being a reality than you would think. Prepare to have your minds blown.

Imagine a still camera that can shoot 16.5 stops dynamic range at 19 megapixels. It’s also modular, which means it’s infinitely customizable via proprietary and third party accessories. It can also use lenses by Canon, Nikon, and an huge library of PL mount cinema lenses. In addition, it can also shoot up to 6K RAW video files at the frame rates of 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 47.96, 48, 50, and 59.94. It would also have a similar form factor and size to popular digital medium format still camera systems. Sounds amazing right? When does it come out you say? It’s out NOW.

Fstoppers puts 2 basic questions:

  • Can a 5k video camera at 24fps produce an image equal to or better than [a] 22 megapixel still camera?
  • Will Video Kill The Photographer?

Curious? Head over to fstoppers and read the whole story. And if you like let me know what you think in the comments. My 2 cents: Nikon will die before Canon, if ever Canon should encounter such a inauspicious destiny ;-)

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