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Zombies are the reason Sigma continues to make cameras, CEO Kazuto Yamaki says

sigmaIn an interview at Photokina 2016 by the folks of Lensvid, Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki gave a weird reason about why the company is still making cameras.

Mr. Kazuto Yamaki lists three reasons Sigma continues to manufacture cameras, and that’s where the zombies come in:

  1. It’s important for a company specialized in lenses to produce also cameras. The know-how coming from camera production helps to design and build better lenses
  2. Designing cameras is a true passion of Sigma’s engineers
  3. Michihiro Yamaki, Kazuto’s father and the founder of Sigma, always dreamed about making cameras. If Sigma would stop doing it, Michihiro Yamaki might come back as zombie and try to kill his son.

The interview in the video below lasts 15 minutes and is definitely worth your time.

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