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Sigma Interview: Canon RF Mount is “discussed and researched”

Sigma Canon Eos R Art Prime Rf Mount

Mr. Kazuto Yamaki, CEO of Sigma, is one of the more interesting personalities in the photo camera industry. Here is an interview he gave to DPReview.

DPReview interviewed Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki. A lot is about the Sigma fp and the L-mount. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

Q: What do you think are Sigma’s unique selling points right now as a camera manufacturer?

Mr. Kazuto Yamaki: I hope that customers try the fp and fp L and discover how much fun they are to use. They’re really small, really easy to take anywhere, and easy and intuitive to use. A small camera makes a big difference when it comes to real photographic experience. I’ve personally learned that using the fp for two years, and it’s what our fp customers are experiencing.


Q: Can we expect faster autofocus technologies such as linear motors in future Sigma lenses?

Mr. Kazuto Yamaki: Yes. That’s probably one of the most challenging technical issues facing all manufacturers. In general, if the motor has higher torque, and more power, it’s slower. Motors with less torque can move faster. So it’s a trade off between power and speed. We already use linear motors in some lenses, but finding the ideal motor for the mirrorless camera lenses are still challenging.


Q: Do you think the era of the DSLR is over?

Mr. Kazuto Yamaki: I personally like DSLRs, but I haven’t used one for probably around two years. I hope they stay in the market for a while longer because a lot of customers love optical viewfinders. But I expect they will be largely replaced in the near future.


Q: Can you update our readers on Sigma support for Canon RF mount and Nikon Z mount support?

Mr. Kazuto Yamaki: I am aware that there’s a very strong demand from customers for Canon RF and Nikon Z. We believe, too, as a lens manufacturer, that it’s our mission to support as many mounts as possible. We would like to support those mounts, and we’re discussing and researching.

Read the interview at DPReview…

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