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Another mention of 8K to be featured on the Canon EOS-1D C replacement (coming 2017) [CW3]

Another Mention Of 8K To Be Featured On The Canon EOS-1D C Replacement (coming 2017) [CW3]
EOS-1D C replacement coming in 2017 and featuring 8K?

First time I got a rumor about a possible replacement for the Canon EOS-1D C was in January 2016. Now I got another suggestion (thanks) saying the next iteration of the EOS-1D C will have 8K.

Nothing to get particularly excited about. That the replacement for the EOS-1D C will have 8K on board is just plausible. The EOS-1D C featured 4K, its replacement will very likely feature 8K.

The EOS-1D C was announced in 2012 and released in 2013. The EOS-1D C was the first DSLR to meet the European Broadcasting Union HD Tier 1 requirements for use in HD broadcast production. And it is a highly regarded professional DLSR in this domain (and for professional still photography). The replacement will not push this further.

For the time being I can not confirm the replacement for the Canon EOS-1D C will be a EOS-1D C Mark II, nor do I have any other hint about specs and moniker.

Finally, many big retailers do not have the EOS-1D C in stock (Adorama, for instance). Among my trusted US retailers, only B&H has it in stock. Couldn’t find it even at the Canon Store. The interesting thing: B&H has the EOS-1D C on sale at $3,999. This is a killer price for this professional Cinema DSLR that started at $15,000 when announced in 2012, and was still close to $8,000 back in January 2016.

Stay tuned

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