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Another mention of 8K to be featured on the Canon EOS-1D C replacement (coming 2017) [CW3]

Another Mention Of 8K To Be Featured On The Canon EOS-1D C Replacement (coming 2017) [CW3]
EOS-1D C replacement coming in 2017 and featuring 8K?

First time I got a rumor about a possible replacement for the Canon EOS-1D C was in January 2016. Now I got another suggestion (thanks) saying the next iteration of the EOS-1D C will have 8K.

Nothing to get particularly excited about. That the replacement for the EOS-1D C will have 8K on board is just plausible. The EOS-1D C featured 4K, its replacement will very likely feature 8K.

The EOS-1D C was announced in 2012 and released in 2013. The EOS-1D C was the first DSLR to meet the European Broadcasting Union HD Tier 1 requirements for use in HD broadcast production. And it is a highly regarded professional DLSR in this domain (and for professional still photography). The replacement will not push this further.

For the time being I can not confirm the replacement for the Canon EOS-1D C will be a EOS-1D C Mark II, nor do I have any other hint about specs and moniker.

Finally, many big retailers do not have the EOS-1D C in stock (Adorama, for instance). Among my trusted US retailers, only B&H has it in stock. Couldn’t find it even at the Canon Store. The interesting thing: B&H has the EOS-1D C on sale at $3,999. This is a killer price for this professional Cinema DSLR that started at $15,000 when announced in 2012, and was still close to $8,000 back in January 2016.

Stay tuned

  • tirmite

    The $4000 price at B&H ended Monday night. Now it’s back up to $5000.

    • canonwatch

      thanks for the feedback. it was live when I posted.

  • Azmodan

    Hard to see Canon releasing a 36MP 1 series, which is the minimum resolution needed to shoot 8K (8192 x 4320). If they do I expect a $10-12KUS price tag.

    • meatcurry

      Well Canon has already admitted(during an interview with DPReview) to testing the 50mp sensor in a 1 series body, so it’s not that far fetched, not sure if what processing power would be needed to run 8k at 30fps and how native crops would work but will be interesting to see.

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