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More Canon cameras to be announced soon (EOS 3000D and EOS 4000D)

Canon Rumors

The EOS M50 and the EOS 2000D aren’t the only new and upcoming Canon DSLRs. Two more DSLRs have been registered at the Eurasian Economic Commission.

Canon will soon announced the EOS 3000D (registration document) and the EOS 4000D (registration document). Both DSLRs will be available as body only option, and as kit with EF-S 18-55mm IS II and EF-S 18-55mm DC III lenses.

When will all this new gear be announced? We are pretty sure January (CES 2018) or February (CP+ 2018) 2018 are the months when Canon will announce the EOS M50, EOS 2000D, EOS 3000D, EOS 4000D to the general public.

Btw, what is Canon doing with all these 4-digit, entry-level DSLRs? Isn’t it a bit too much to offer so many entry-level DSLRs?


  • Michael – Visual Pursuit

    Rebranding/refreshing their complete entry level line leaves the option open that the application documents are misleading/mistransmitted and Canon is indeed switching to mirrorless full frontal and across their portfolio.

    • CW Steve

      it’s crazy to have all these entry-level DSLRs. How do they differentiate one form the other? How can this make any sense…

      • Michael – Visual Pursuit

        This would make sense if they kill their complete current portfolio of entry level DSLRs and replace them with a line-up of mirrorless entry level cameras. That’s what I meant. Yes, the rumour says “DSLR” amd not MILC. Is everybody sure that they can read DSLR out of the Japanese (?) registration?

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