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The Canon EOS M50 is the company’s next mirrorless camera

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Nokishita spotted new, unreleased Canon gear. And it gets pretty interesting.

It appears Canon has registered the Bluetooth module of a new camera at a certification authority. The new camera is named EOS M50 (Kiss M in Japan), and it definitely appears be a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.

eos m50

It’s suggested the EOS M50 might be similar to the EOS M5 but with less features. I’m a bit puzzled by the moniker “Kiss M” (for the Japanese market), which seems to suggest a more DSLR-like design. Well, this is assuming “Kiss M” and “EOS M50” refer to the same piece of gear (I think they do).

When gear is spotted at certification authorities it is usually a matter of weeks before this gear gets announced. However, I do not expect the EOS M50 to be announced in 2017. This will most likely be a 2018 announcement.

What do you think is the EOS M50? Sound off in the comment section.

  • man

    It’s not clear why Canon would release so many small APS-C models. Why not just settle on one small model and one DSLR type. It seems like nobody is steering the ship.

  • bdbender4

    I have an M5 and like it a lot. As an existing EOS-M user, I don’t want more bodies, I want better lenses. A few really good primes besides the 22mm. Something like 14mm and 32mm. And/or another good zoom besides the 11-22, like maybe 15-45 f/2.8-4? 18mm at the wide end is just not very wide.

    I end up using EF lenses with the adapter and they work fine but are relatively large, heavy, and long compared to the body.

    So I also wonder who is steering the ship.

    • Narren Rot

      Jack Sparrow ;)

    • Patrick Lafont

      they still see the EOS M as a second or third body for Canon DSLR users…

      • Caerolle

        Yep, essentially an interchangeable-lens PowerShot. Too bad, too, if they would have built the M5 and some fast primes I would have bought that stuff instead of thousands of dollars worth of m4/3 gear. Honestly, if they made fast, high-quality primes (kind of like Fuji, except without the aperture ring gimmick and the horrid AF motors), now that they finally have incorporated dual-pixel and somewhat-modern sensor tech, I would perhaps even switch. I don’t see that happening, though.

        • James Whitehouse

          Canon desperately need a couple of high-end mirrorless cameras. Having moved away to m4/3 and then Fuji, I miss certain aspects of Canon useage. I want to move back to full-frame for various reasons, but don’t want to go back to a DSLR if I don’t have to. I need Canon to give me good reasons not to go to Sony – IBIS and Eye-AF are killer and the body is smaller and lighter with no mirror-slap. I rented an A7rii and you can genuinely hand-hold pin sharp landscapes. Amazing. I may jump back to Canon because of the better ergonomics and colour science, and build a lens collection in the expectation they’ll have to counter mirrorless properly soon, but it’s a big gamble.

          The M5 is nearly there body-wise, but still lacks features of other mirrorless competitors, and the lens selection is, frankly, awful by comparison to Fuji or m4/3.

          Would Canon please wake up and smell the coffee!

          • davev8

            well canon has recently gained 2% market sher and world wide M sales are number 2 or3 …they smell the coffee fine

  • Corey

    If it’s a lesser model than the M5…..then it’s kind of a joke in my book.

  • Could be an EF-mount mirrorles.

  • Kingsix87

    If their DSLR naming is any indication, the M5 and M6 will be the top tier, M100 will probably be the lowest, so the M50 will be something in the middle. They really need a lower-priced body with EVF to compete with the e-m10, panasonic and a6000, that is still in production and is good bang for the buck. Fuji has several bodies, that are price matching the M5, but have 4k. At the moment all bets seem to be on a mid-range body.
    I don’t think they need another body without EVF. Then again, I don’t think they need the rumored 2000D, 3000D and 4000D…

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