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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV gets C-Log update, costs you $99

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Gets C-Log Update, Costs You $99
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

The rumored update for the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is here, and as it turns out most of the rumored, mouth-watering features supposed to come with this update were a well made hoax. The EOS 5D Mark IV gets C-Log, and Canon wants you to pay $99 for the firmware update. And you have to send in your camera.

Canon press release:

Canon U.S.A. Announces Canon Log Feature Upgrade for the EOS 5D Mark IV Camera

MELVILLE, N.Y., April 20, 2017 – In a move to help meet the demands of professional filmmakers, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced the availability of a feature upgrade for the EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR camera that will add the ability to record with Canon Log. With this upgrade, the EOS 5D Mark IV can achieve a cinematic look similar to what can be achieved using Cinema EOS cameras, allowing it to serve as a second camera on a Cinema EOS shoot or to stand alone as a cinema camera. Current EOS 5D Mark IV camera owners can have the Canon Log feature upgrade installed for $99 at any of the Canon service centers across the U.S. starting in July. The camera will also be available for sale (body only) with the feature upgrade pre-installed starting in July, with an estimated retail price of $3,599.00*.
Canon Log uses the image sensor’s characteristics in a way that allows for a wide dynamic range, minimal loss of detail in shadows and highlight areas and an increased range of choices when color grading. Color grading options available with Canon Log include optimized color saturation, accurate colors with minor color bias, visual continuity and accurate skin tones.

Canon Log also works with and complements several EOS 5D Mark IV camera features including 4K shooting, Dual Pixel CMOS AF, high speed 119.9p shooting in HD and 59.94p shooting in Full HD. Additional features include Movie Servo AF allowing the camera to focus on a subject even when the shutter button is not used, the ability to register custom shooting modes in Canon Log and movie shooting in Canon Log on a compatible iOS® or Android™ device using the free Canon Camera Connect app1.

To learn more about the feature upgrade and how to get it installed, please visit

The EOS 5D Mark IV camera with Canon Log will be shown at the NAB show in Las Vegas, NV, April 24-27, in the Canon U.S.A., Inc. Booth #C4325 in the Central Hall of the LVCC. Follow Canon throughout the show on Instagram at @CanonUSA and Twitter at @CanonUSApro.

  • That´s all? Really? -.-

  • Brent Duncan

    As an early adopter of the original C300 and spender of tens of thousands on Cinema EOS cameras, this is a huge slap in the face from Canon. Cinema EOS users pay a premium price for C-Log and this is just unacceptable. Canon has just instantly lost my business.

    • gasbubble

      Do you not understand that every other competitor at this price point is shipping with log capability? Even the 3 year old Panasonic GH4 has log support. The fact it didn’t come with this in the first place is pathetic.

      Early adopters pay a big price premium – congrats! Now grow up and get used to the fact that technology moves very very fast.

      • Brent Duncan

        First off, troll, I don’t need to grow up. If anyone does, it’s you as you clearly cannot back up your counterpoint without the old “nanny nanny boo boo” being thrown in there.

        Secondly, I’m well aware that other competitors offer a log PP in similarly priced cameras. Canon could have put out a new log gamma just for it’s prosumer market and I would have had zero issue with that. What I take issue with is when a MAJOR selling point and marketing ploy of theirs was the exclusive use of C-Log for their Cinema EOS line, which owner/operators paid a mint for, is simply thrown out to the masses because they’re worried about their image in competition with Sony. It’s called truth in marketing and loyalty to your ultra high end customers, which is clearly something you know nothing about.

        Thirdly, what’s pathetic is your obvious self entitled and narcissistic idea that just because you paid $3000 for a STILLS camera you should automatically get the same perks and options that those of us who paid $16,000 for a CINEMA camera get. You want to play with the big boys? Then get a real camera and stop making excuses and crying about how “the other kids have this toy! Why can’t I, mommy?”

        • gasbubble

          I get it, you’re angry because you invested a lot cash in a technology that’s now deprecated. I’m sorry you don’t understand technology turnover, it must be very frustrating for you. The fact remains THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SPECIAL about C-Log. I think it’s sad that you don’t realize the two technologies, video and stills, are converging – if there’s anything that’s pathetic here, it’s your understanding of the technology involved. I have an old SGI box at home that was $60k list price when it first shipping. Three years after that it was work $8k. Grow up kid.

          • Brent Duncan

            I completely understand depreciation and am not mad about that at all. You still don’t seem to understand the basic concept of a product was marketed to contain a specific feature set that would solely be for said product and then the company went back on that promise and gave it to idiots like you who are anything but a cinematographer. You’re a videographer on your best day. I’ve got glass that cost more than your SGI box, kid. Oh, and it’s still worth near what I paid for it, because I understand the difference in depreciation between cameras and glass, much less electronics.

            If you seriously think that stills and cinematography are converging then I feel truly sorry for your future. Ever heard the term 24p? Still photography and cinematography are as different as night and day. Do they have similarities? Yes, absolutely. But there are undeniable and fundamental differences that will never allow them to converge. A still doesn’t move. You do understand that basic concept, right?

            Keep on trolling, pal. You’re just upset because your wife is mad at you for blowing $60k on a SGI box lol!

          • gasbubble

            You’re an idiot. The old SGI box was free – I made it into a table in the game room. It was just an example of technology depreciation. You’re an arrogant jackass – if you actually understood the depreciation you wouldn’t be having a childish hissy fit when faced with it.

          • Brent Duncan

            How am I an idiot for being deliberately misled, by you, to think that you paid for it? You’re just another whiny millennial troll; too ignorant to understand truth in advertising laws and too much of a liar to simply speak the truth. Depreciation has ZERO to do with this. Let me state that again because it’s clear that you’re mildly illiterate.


            Can you hear me now?

            I’ll say it once more, just in case you’re also dyslexic: Depreciation has zero to do with it.

            There. Now that that’s out of the way, I can explain, again, why my opinion is just as valid as yours.

            You ready?

            Because it’s a FEATURE that was specifically stated to be SOLELY part of the Cinema EOS line of cameras and has now been given to the average Joe, or in this case gasbag, gasbubble? Either way you’re full of hot air. But I digress, it’s been given to the average shooter to use in a subpar camera with a subpar codec.

            Also, to say there’s nothing special about C-Log just shows the depth of your ignorance. Ask ANY colorist if they’d prefer to work with say, Technicolor’s CineStyle or C-Log and ten times out of ten they’re going to say C-Log. Same with ProLost Flat, Marvel etc..

            Any other big “slams” you want to try to throw my way, troll? LOL

    • Rick

      1DC had log gamma.

      I fail to see the problem. Also they did mention that this is NOT the same as the full C-LOG available in canon’s CINI EOS cameras.

      CINI EOS people pay a premium for better ergonomics, connectivity and a mydrid of other things that seperate a CINI EOS camera from a DSLR that has video capability hacked into it.

      • Brent Duncan

        The 1DC is a Cinema EOS camera. Try to keep up, Rick ;)

  • chobit tw

    How about the 4k factor?
    Still 1.74x?

  • CAO97

    After viewing the video, it appears it doesn’t have all the features of the cinema eos cameras. Still a good deal for amateurs, students, and small businesses who can’t afford or justify the cost of cinema specific cameras.

  • Dan Watson

    So no h.264? Or the different crop? That’s horrible!!! Glad I got my GH5 for video. I was thinking of returning it if Canon made 4k video decent.

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