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Canon EOS 77D to feature Dual Pixel AF and 24MP sensor [CW4]

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This is the second mention of Dual Pixel AF to be featured on the upcoming EOS 77D, the replacement for the EOS 760D/Rebel T6s. Since this is the second mention and it’s coming from a different source, I upgraded the rumor to CW4.

Until now Canon never featured Dual Pixel AF on entry-level DSLRs, nor is Canon’s first tier AF system a standard feature on Canon DSLRs. The EOS 77D, given the moniker, seems to be lined up above Canon’s entry-level models. However, the EOS 77D might be the most entry-level Canon DSLR to get Dual Pixel AF.

The same source suggested the EOS 77D and the Rebel T7i will both have a 24MP sensor.

Announcement for this and other gear is coming soon. Stay tuned!

  • Just my opinion for all it’s worth but I don’t see why Canon needs 3 Rebel models. Four if you count the SL1.

    Prices USD (B&H Photo as a reference) range from $400 for (Rebel SL1),(T6 with 18-55 $500), (T6i body only, $750), (T6s body only, $850) and (80D body only, $1100)

    Not including the Rebel SL1 it looks like the average between cameras is $250. So what’s my point? It’s this…. Canon should drop either the “i” or “s” model. They are too similar with only a $100 price difference. I think they would save money by not making two models so similar. Keep the better of the two and that would be the “s”. As for the very basic Rebel xxxxD model I would guess it’s a pretty good money maker for them since it’s cheap and sold with at least a kit lens or a couple of lenses. As for the SL1 / 100D, It’s size is what makes it special. I have one and I do like how small and light it is. I also have the original M and I prefer the SL over it. I think they are trying to have more entry level choices than Nikon. I don’t think they are too concerned with other manufacturers other than maybe Sony. I know there are good cameras and choices from other brands, so please don’t reply to educate me about that.

    I would like to see Canon put more into the EOS M system. The lenses especially. I do think mirrorless is the future but it’s not going to happen over night which won’t be fast enough for some people. I think the reason Canon hasn’t put out a full frame mirrorless is they still trying to work out a way to use EF lenses on it without an adapter of some sort. Or just make it the same depth as a DSLR for compatibility.

    Thoughts please?? Trolls will be Ignored. ;-)

    • Rick

      you just stated why canon SHOULD have all those lines in your first sentence:

      Prices USD (B&H Photo as a reference) range from $400 for (Rebel SL1),(T6 with 18-55 $500), (T6i body only, $750), (T6s body only, $850) and (80D body only, $1100)

      • I’ll agree with the exception of the T6i / 750D and T6s 760D. Four entry level cameras is a lot. ;-)

  • Bo Dez

    lol at the name. Why don’t they just call it the Alpha 77D? They are obviously getting flustered by Sony.

  • gedgetdisqusser

    I don’t get it: the older model already have 24 megapixels? So why is this on a kinda wishlist??

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