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Canon EOS 7D Mark III to feature 28MP sensor? (and more specs) [CW2]


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A few weeks ago we were tipped about the EOS 7D Mark III. We have now a new rumor we got from a new source.

The rumor suggests that the EOS 7D Mark III will

  • feature a newly developed 28MP sensor
  • be in general more video-oriented
  • have 4K video
  • have a tiltable touch-screen
  • be more upscale than the EOS 7D Mark II
  • have a richer feature set compared to the 7D Mark II
  • introduce a new Canon APS-C image sensor generation
  • have the same introductory price as the EOS 7D Mark II

Still nothing neither particularly exciting nor really surprising (it’s still too early). The most interesting point is the one stating the EOS 7D Mark III will “introduce a new Canon APS-C sensor generation”, and that it will have 28MP (previously we were tipped with 30MP).

If this rumor is reliable, then we may think that all upcoming Canon APS-C cameras will have new sensor technology with 28MP resolution. Sound plausible at least. The EOS 7D Mark II has a 20MP sensor.

The EOS 7D Mark III might be announced in Summer 2018, though we do not have any reliable information so far.

Please take this with a grain of salt, sound off in the comment section, and stay tuned.

  • Дмитрий

    not interest canon not iterest.
    were ff mirorless 4к 60р iso 3500 and good af?

  • Knowbody

    I’m not really that interested in using it for video. I mean, it’d be nice if Canon didn’t gimp video, but I don’t really record video personally.
    What I’d be MOST interested in is high-ISO performance, and maybe the 28-30MP if I want to take pictures of things and crop them while still remaining detailed.

    These would be a nice bonus:
    Faster (~12FPS?)
    Even better AF
    Can write to an SD/CFast card faster than the 7DII, so I don’t have to wait for the buffer to clear.
    Wifi, so I can copy photos to my phone (with its much better, 4K screen) while I’m out.
    USB Type-C

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