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Canon EOS M With Built-in EVF May Arrive In The Second Half of 2014

Canon EOS M

Mr. Masaya Maeda

Dcwatch (translated) interviewed the managing director and chief executive of Canon’s Image Communication Products Operations, Mr. Masaya Maeda. Google translation from Japanese is pretty poor. However, these appear to be the main points of the interview:

  • A new EOS M camera with built-in EVF could arrive in the second half of 2014 .
  • The focus on EOS M systems is to keep size down [editor’s note: the new EOS M2 is 8% smaller than the EOS M]
  • Hybrid still+video performance is a key aspect on Canon’s future mirrorless cameras development
  • There will be new lenses for the EOS M system
  • Canon is also considering the possibility to make a more semi pro if not pro mirrorless cameras
  • Canon is committed to the EOS Cinema line
  • Jay Steller

    Just FYI, in my experience Bing Translate is often just a bit better than Google translate for Japanese to English.

  • DanInNYC

    Canon’s fallen so far behind the rest of the camera world in the large sensor/small camera segment, it’s just sad. They and Nikon seem determined to give away as much market share a possible.

    • Sky

      Yea, fallen so far that they’re the largest manufacturer out there, one of a very few actually making profits from their digital cameras.
      And at the same time it’s one of only two large manufacturers that actually do carter their professional photographers and are committed to supporting them while steadily expanding the offer.

      • DanInNYC

        Wow. Nice job spinning things out of context. You work for Canon?

        My comments were about the large sensor/small camera segment. And there’s no denying Canon’s a mess there. The PowerShot G1 X came out in early 2012, had a slow lens and slow shooting speed, and hasn’t been updated. What other company lets a new product go that long without a refresh? They were incredibly late to the mirrorless game with the EOS-M, and it got hammered for slow focusing and poor battery life. And the Asia-only update they just announced seems like a marginal step up at best.

        In the large sensor/small camera segment, Canon’s new motto is: at least we’re not Nikon.

  • Sky

    “The focus on EOS M systems is to keep size down” – time to bring out few more pancakes and pancake-zoom lens, Canon.

  • Mike D

    Canon, an ultra conservative company, has been slow or reluctant to embrace mirror-less interchangeable lens cameras. Possibly because they identify that sector as a threat to their big dollar lines.

    But if they decide to get seriously involved there’s probably no other camera manufacturer that can match their investment potential and resources, and they could produce a killer M product yet.

    Elephants don’t gallop but they take a lot of stopping after they get going.

    • sjdg

      I think given that even now after a few years of mirrroless and multiple systems to choose from. The bottom line is that 83% of the worldwide market is DSLR with the low end Canon APS DSLR models being huge sellers , despite their weaknesses compared to competition { especially poorer sensor performance}.

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