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Canon EOS M50 announcement for CP+ 2018 [CW4]

Canon EOS M50 Announcement For CP+ 2018 [CW4]

Canon’s next mirrorless camera, the EOS M50 will be announced before CP+ 2018, one of our sources suggests. CP+ 2018 happens at the beginning of March 2018.

So far, we know as good as nothing about the EOS M50 (all rumors). However, I speculate it’s somewhat of a mid-range MILC by Canon, i.e. positioned between the EOS M5/M6 (price & specs) on the top and the amazing little EOS M100 (price & specs) at the bottom. A 24MP sensor is to expect, as well as some of the technology featured on the EOS M5/M6.

If the suggestion of an announcement in March 2018 is to be trusted, then we will soon have some leaks for specifications and images of the EOS M50.

Stay tuned.

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