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Canon Makes The EOS R3 Sensor – Do They?

Canon Eos R3 Sensor
The Canon EOS R3

Remember the discussion about who manufactures the imaging sensor of the Canon EOS R3? At the end it looked like it was Canon to make it. But look at this.

Don’t get me wrong: I think Canon makes the sensor (and I also think it is not that important who does). However, if you search for Canon EOS R3 on specialized site Tech Insights, you’ll get a neat table with all the components and who manufactures them. And here it comes: they do not list Canon (or another brand) in the column where manufacturer should be listed. It’s just empty. Look at the image below.

eos r3

Remind that Canon itself stated that they make the imaging sensor of the Canon EOS R3. So, does the fact that Tech Insight does not list a manufacturer mean something? Some of the EOS R3 components are indeed made by Sony, as can be seen in the results table at Tech Insights.

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