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Canon might announce a high-end mirrorless camera in Q4 2018, or later, rumor suggests

Canon Might Announce A High-end Mirrorless Camera In Q4 2018, Or Later, Rumor Suggests
Canon EOS M5. the company's most advanced MILC, may get a full-frame sibling in 2018

A rumor about a camera Canon might announce at the end of 2018.

It’s becoming a long-running thing this thing about a high end mirrorless camera by Canon. While the latest murmurings do not explicitly mention a full-frame sensor, you can assume it is about a FF mirrorless camera.

Canon Watch was the first site to report Canon’s plans to work on a professional-grade, full-frame mirrorless camera (at the end of 2014). We then had more hints about but nothing that really made me think a full-frame mirrorless camera was around the corner. 

It’s hard to classify the latest rumor. You can be pretty sure Canon is working on such a camera, the question is when if at all they will release it. I’ve told that prototypes already exist, and I am sure this is true.

Will Canon’s full-frame mirrorless camera have EF mount? There where some speculations and pertinent rumors. The possibility of EF mount on a FF mirrorless camera isn’t that crazy. A serious, full-frame MILC by Canon with EF mount would be the ultimate killer camera.

A rumor pointing to an announcement that’s over a year away, unfortunately, has to be considered a teaser. Moreover, an announcement set at the end of 2018 might easily become an announcement in 2019. I recommend you stick with your camera for the time being, and enjoy taking pictures. We keep you posted.

Stay tuned…

  • Andrei

    Of course it will. And we MIGHT have flying cars in 2050 or later.

  • EnPassant

    Or it could be a more pro oriented EF-M camera.
    Canon and Nikon just have too much invested in their full frame DSLR mounts.
    Unlike Sony who saw mirrorless full frame as a way of competing with Canon and Nikon.

    • NotAMeasureator

      Canon see’s Sony as competition? Wanna show us anything pertaining to that? If anything, Canon has tolerated Sony like you would put up with a bratty nephew at a family gathering.

      Canon is only answering Nikon getting serious about a future mirrorless, not because of anything Sony has done.

      The market has clearly demonstrated it will buy Canon if the choice is there, so if it’s true that Canon will release a ‘serious’ mirrorless in the next 18 months then that will be when you start seeing Sony sales tank even harder then they are right now, since all the sales and rebates that Sony are doing now is only sustaining the status quo sales levels, not increasing them.

      • EnPassant

        i didn’t write anything about Canon’s view on Sony and don’t know what they think.
        It’s more about Canon’s (and Nikon’s) internal competition. A FF Canon mirrorless with a new mount (or using the EF-M mount, which is FF compatible) would propably affect the sales of FF lenses, Which could be much greater than the profit from a new mirrorless FF system with just a few native lenses.

        Sony however have the desire to be on a higher place than number three. Therefore they moved to mirrorless FF as thay found it hard to compete with Canon’s and Nikon’s DSLR systems. But their all in on FF can come back to bite them if they are not also developing their APS-C mirrorless system. As there is where Fujifilm, Canon and next year Nikon will attack them. Because that is the really weak spot Sony have.

        • NotAMeasureator

          Sony is behaving EXACTLY like a company entering the market and trying to compete with the incumbent brands. I can see the change happening already, and it has been happening for awhile now. Sony will lose many of their devoted fans. It works like this;

          – Sony decided what they needed to do to enter the market and offer something unique with some differentiation – hence after a couple of false starts they did so with the A6000 and A7
          – Said products completely undercut the competition on price while offering as many features as possible
          – Quickly offer more better featured products at a lower price point than the main players
          – As your product gains acceptance start increasing the price
          – While the price goes up, cut back on features

          That’s what we are seeing now – Sony’s prices have been going up AND they are at the stage where they are purposely crippling product. Give it another product cycle or two and you will hear the Sony faithful whinging loudly about how Sony has lost it’s way and is turning it’s back on the customers that put them on the map.

          Happens in every industry. Just look at Kia and Hyundai now – they started off as the cheapest new entry with lots of features for the money, now they are priced just like everyone else and if you want all the features, you have to go with the upper trim levels. Happens with office supplies, auto parts, TV’s, phones, etc…

          • EnPassant

            I can do nothing else but fully agree with you!
            The Sony A9 price here in Europe is just crazy.
            With the grip it’s only €260 cheaper than the Canon 1DXII.
            Suddenly the Fujifilm X-T2 looks like a bargain as the main practical difference is the bigger sensor in A9.

  • Michael

    In unrelated news, Honda plans to release their first ever car with airbags & power windows before or soon after 2025 as part of their commitment to modernization and paying attention to consumer needs. Canon’s such a joke.

  • V. Anand

    If Canon releases a mirrorless fframe with similar sensor to its 5Dmk4, (which has a 91 point rating by Dxomark) and 4.5k video, and ofcourse dualpixel af, it would jump to a big start!

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