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Canon Rebel SL1 (EOS 100D) Commercial Shows Skilled Toddlers Playing Football

Rebel SL1

A new commercial by Canon called “Little Big Shots” show incredibly skilled toddlers in a soccer game. The video isn’t real (obviously), it delivers the message that you can save big stuff in little things. That is: the Canon Rebel SL1 (EOS 100D in EU), the world’s smallest and lightest DSLR.

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[via 101greatgoals]
  • Another Thought

    Clever ad…very well done. And the title of the ad is just perfect.

  • Will

    Gentlemen: Your commercial showing toddlers playing soccer is frightening from an injury standpoint. One child is shown hitting the ball with his forehead. A child that age has soft cranial sutures, the fontanelle is incompletely occluded and very susceptible to damage; head injury is a concern with adults — and frightening in the age range you feature.
    Many will think it cute.
    I’m thinking in terms of permanent, irreversible brain injury.
    Admittedly I’m prejudiced, I’m a retired pediatric nurse who worked mostly with special needs children.
    I know — firsthand experience — what happens when a young child’s head is repeatedly traumatized.

    • neko

      I do wholly agree with you! There are parents who think that their kids are geniuses, and who would like them to do the same thing, regardless that this practice is indeed very harmful + there are big brothers and sisters, who don’t know that this is fake, and who will force their little siblings in doing the same.
      Some advertisers are really sick!

  • dani

    It can be a cute comercial. But I have a daughter that dreams to play pro soccer. I had to sit down with her and explain that it is digital editing. At first she was starting to doubt herself and her abilities.

    • neko

      So true! Unfortunately, not every parent is as intelligent as you, to sit with their children and explain them digital tricks..

      • Tren

        I agree with Dani. Although this an entertaining commercial, it would be much better wit more gender representation and diversity. With more thought, the commercial’s writers and producers could have included young girl players and players (boys and girls) who represent different ethnicities. Soccer is a global sport and is very inclusive. The commercial could have been so much more effective and equally entertaining!!

  • Patrick


  • John

    Second that Patrick!! Although it appears that the world is full of idiots judging by the comments above. Are people really that stupid? One sees this as prejudicial against girls while the rest are concerned about head trauma to toddlers.

    People GROW UP !!

    Did anyone actually appreciate the effort gone in to the digital imaging?? Really that’s what it’s all about.

    Thanks Canon, I appreciate it!!

  • Kim

    Does anyone know how they did it? Toddlers literally playing pro soccer is pretty remarkable.

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