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Canon Rumor: Is Canon Working on a Full-Frame Compact Camera (and more APS-C compacts on the way)?

Canon Rumor

Thanks to the reader who sent me in the information!

May Canon be working, and maybe be set to announce it in short, on a full-frame compact camera like the Sony RX1 and on more compact system cameras with APS-C sensor, like the Canon EOS M? That’s what the product landing page of Canon France suggests. Have a look at the screenshot above: the EOS M is mentioned in the reflex category, and then there are two categories named “Compacts 24×36” and “Compacts APS”. The former link is active and leads to a page where you are supposed to have a choice among different models, but there are no models in the dropdown lists. The latter (Compacts APS) is inactive.

Don’t know what to think about that. The latest Canon-related rumor was suggesting that Canon is preparing a big press event (they are sending out invitations). Then there are the EOS 70D and EOS 7D Mark II, both excpectd to be announced this year. However, none of these fits in the category “Compacts 24×36” or “Compacts APS”.

What di you think?

  • Eric

    Do not put too much expectation on Canon.

  • Christian

    I think, it might point to some very old parts of the site :)

    24 x 36 compacts and APS used to be regular analog film categories!

    As fance as “full frame compacts” are now, don´t forget there were plenty of them, some really tiny like the MINOX 35mm cameras, some really cheap like the famous Yashica T4.

  • FMJ

    if this is true, this is the fastest response Canada ever made. Good for them!

    still have some faith in Canon : )

    hopefully the APS-C size compact will be lower price than the Nikon Coolpix A

  • Art

    These probably refer to the old film cameras.

    No news here

  • Lee

    If the EOS M is anything to go by, then Canon are a long way off producing anything remotely close to compete with the Sony RX1. They really need to up their game and produce something out of the top drawer , not another half baked’ not quite ready offering .

  • Bob Mesher

    Canon used to be ahead in the early days of digital SLR. I am waiting for them to come out with a compact full frame.

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