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Canon Used Magic Lantern RAW Footage For An Advertisement (no joke)

Wow, that’s funny. It appears that Canon used footage shot with an EOS 5D Mark III and the Magic Lantern RAW Hack for an ad (video above).

While it’s well known that Canon doesn’t really contrast ML (as Sony or other companies would certainly do), never the less it’s somewhat weird that a firmware hack not officially supported by Canon was used by the company to produce an advertisement for their Bring It campaign.

ML RAW footage appears 2 times in the ad, after 15 secs (first video below) and then after 18 secs (second video below), you may miss it if you are not watching carefully.

Canon is for sure one of the most conservative brands on the globe, but as it appears also one of the most pragmatically oriented :-) Happy for the skilled ML hackers, they got the credit they deserve.

[planet5D via nofilmschool]

Canon 5d Mark III RAW video skiing sample from Justin Majeczky.

A Flood of Emotion from Pastel Glyph.

Magic Lantern RAW

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