Are These The Canon EOS M7 Specifications (and is EOS M lineup at end of life)?

Canon Eos M7 Rumor EOS M50 Full Frame Mirrorless

A set of alleged Canon EOS M7 specifications surfaced over the web. Are they real?

The Canon EOS M7 is rumored to be Canon’s next EOS M flagship. Personal View posted a set of possible Canon EOS M7 specifications, these:

  • 32mp APS-C sensor with DPAF II
  • IBIS (In Body Image Stabilisation, rumored to come to the EOS M lineup)
  • Slightly renewed DIGIC LSI
  • Cheap EVF, 2.36Mdots
  • Dual SD Cards, speed limits are same as 4 years old cameras
  • 12fps serial shooting, without AF active
  • 4K from 24p to 60p, using all APS-C sensor sampling
  • 1080p up to 120p (overheating at 120fps)
  • CLog mode for marketing purposes
  • $1599 price

All in all the specifications are plausible. Personal View doesn’t say anything about where they got these specifications. What they say, is that Canon “plans to destroy whole M lineup and all lenses as soon as 2021, but as camera [the EOS M7, editor’s note] had been developed for long they plan to sell it first“.

Rumors about the upcoming sudden dead of the EOS M lineup are nothing new and mostly suggest Canon will release an APS-C EOS R camera instead. Our take: while the specification list might be reliable, there is no way we buy the “destroy the whole M lineup” part. The EOS M50 is a blockbuster and sells extraordinarily well. There ar no reason to think Canon will not release an EOS M50 Mark II.

Time will tell.

What To Expect Next From Canon (Cinema, XC & XF cams, RF lenses, EOS M)

Canon Eos M7 Rumor EOS M50 Full Frame Mirrorless

We can expect some more gear announcement by Canon within 2020.

It seems two different timeframes are to expect for announcements, one in August/September and another one towards November and December. However, to us it seems weird that Canon might announce gear in December, and August is almost over (but still rumored for announcements).

The gear Canon might announce:

As we said, the timeframe for all these announcements seems to be a bit tight but everything is still possible.

Stay tuned.

Source: Canon Rumors

These Are The Specs For The Canon EOS R300 (Cinema cam with RF mount)

Canon EOS R300

A bunch of Canon Cinema cameras with RF mount were rumored since a while, now the specifications for the Canon EOS R300 leaked over the web.

The Canon EOS R300 might get announced in September, or maybe even in late August. These are the rumored specifiations:

  • Super 35mm 4K DGO sensor (same as Cinema EOS C300 Mark III)
  • No IBIS
  • RF Mount
  • Internal ND (10 Stops)
  • CLog 2 & CLog 3
  • 4:2:2 10bit onto SD cards up to 4K120 and 2K180
  • No RAW capability internally at launch
  • BP-A batteries
  • Price: US$6,299

Expect a small form factor for the EOS R300, possibly smaller than the EOS C100. All Canon rumors are listed here.

Source: Canon Rumors

New Canon Cameras Show Up At Certification Authority, Might Be Upcoming EOS M

Eos M

Yet unreleased Canon cameras showed up at a wireless certification authority. Are these the upcoming EOS M cameras?

Two unreleased Canon cameras with the SKUs DS126834 and DS126949 have been registered as certified by a certification authority. We think these cameras might be the rumored EOS M50 Mark II and/or EOS M7. A specification list that could refer to one of these cameras is also rumored. However, the SKUs could also refer to some entry-level DSLR replacement.

Stay tuned.

[via Nokishita]

These Might Be The Specifications Of Canon’s Next EOS M Cameras

Canon Eos M7 Rumor EOS M50 Full Frame Mirrorless

Canon might announce up to two new EOS M cameras within 2020, that’s what’s rumored.

The rumored upcoming Canon EOS M cameras are said to be the replacement for the highly popular EOS M50 and a possible new EOS M flagship, named the EOS M7. A partial list of specifications for one of these cameras could have leaked over the web. Here they are:

  • 32mp
  • IBIS
  • New DIGIC Processor (perhaps a lesser version of DIGIC X?)
  • EVF
  • Dual SD Cards
  • 12fps
  • Full sensor width 4K up to 60p
  • 1080p at 120p
  • CLog

There is no rumored announcement date so far but if it is true that these new EOS M cameras are coming in 2020, then there isn’t that much time left to speculate about.

All Canon rumors are listed here.

Source: Canon Rumors

Canon Might Announce Two EOS Cinema 8K Cameras In 2021

C300 Mark Iii Canon Firmware Updates 8k Cameras

Canon might well be set to announce and release two new 8K-capable EOS Cinema cameras next year.

The first of these 8K Cinema cameras will be the next flagship, boosting some pro-oriented features.

The other one will be a modular and more similar to the Cinema EOS C300 Mark III and Cinema EOS C500 Mark II cameras.

No price nor specifications so far. We assume that Canon might announce these cameras around April 2021, i.e. when NAB 2021 is scheduled.

Stay tuned.

Source: Canon Rumors