A New Menu System Might Come To Future Canon Cameras, Report

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Do Canon’s already excellent ergonomics need to be improved? A new rumor suggests Canon is putting efforts in developing a new user interface.

Canon’s camera menu system, and the entire design philosophy behind, are excellent and universally recognized to be among the best in the industry. Never the less, increasing complexity of the also increasing number of features on modern digital cameras might call for a newly developed menu system.

According to the source of the rumor, on future cameras you will be able to select between a “Canon Classic” and a new menu system. That’s for sure a good thing, and will help long time Canon users to transition to the new menu.

It’s unlikely the new menu system will make it’s appearance any time soon via a firmware update. It might be featured on the upcoming EOS R flagship, the EOS R1. So, do not expect it to land on your EOS R5 or EOS R6 with the next firmware update.

Do you think Canon cameras need a new menu system? I am inclined to say they don’t.

Stay tuned, stay safe.

Source: Canon Rumors

Possible Canon EOS R1 Flagship Specifications (85MP, global shutter, Quad-Pixel AF)

Canon Eos R1 Rumour

Update (3/6/21): I have reasons to believe the list below was already posted on Weibo. Please take it in account when evaluating the rumor.

A anonymous source contacted us (thanks) and sent a list of what could be the specifications of Canon’s upcoming EOS R1 flagship camera.

We know such a camera is in the coming, most rumors foresee an announcement within 2021. Without further ado, here is the specification list we got:

  • Approx. 85MP global shutter CMOS imaging sensor
  • Approx. 85MP at 20fps, 21MP at 40fps unlimited continued shooting
  • Full Sensor Large Quad Pixel Auto-focus technology
  • 15.5 EV+ wide dynamic range
  • ISO 160-1638400
  • 5-axis IBIS up to 9 stop
  • 3.5” 9.33MP 1280nit 10-bit WCG RGB-OLED touch screen with 120Hz AE-AF
  • 9.44MP 120Hz SuperSpeed AE-AF electronic viewfinder
  • Price $8,500 in USA

The list is a bit on the “to good to be true” side of things. On the other hand, no one expected the R5 to be so feature rich and innovative, hence the EOS R1 might have all those killer features above. In any case, for the time being we recommend to take it with a grain of salt.

And there is another thing. The specs, especially the 85MP resolution seem to be more likely for the also rumored high resolution EOS R camera, dubbed EOS R5s, which is indeed rumored to have a resolution around 90MP. We got the rumor as referring to the EOS R1 but it wouldn’t be the first time that similar information gets lost in translation. As far as I am concerned, the specifications above might well refer to the EOS R1.

The Canon EOS R1 is rumored to get announced along with two new big telephoto lenses for the RF mount system. All Canon EOS R1 rumors are listed here.

Stay tuned, stay safe.

Canon Might Announce New Video Gear In 2021 (XF505, XC20, C50, 8K Camera)

Video Gear Cinema Eos C70 Review

Some new tidbits about possible upcoming Canon video gear, possibly to be released in 2021.

Canon Rumors sums up the video gear that Canon might announced in 2021. None of the listed and rumored video cameras seems to be a consumer product.

Canon XF505

  • Replacement for the XF205
  • Same 1″ sensor as the XF705
  • 12G-SDI output and SD cards
  • An integrated zoom lens with 15x zoom
  • BP-A batteries

Canon XC20

  • Replacement for the XC10/XC15
  • Same 1″ sensor as the XF705
  • CFexpress slot for internal RAW recording
  • SD cards for XF-AVC/MP4 recording
  • An integrated lens with 10x zoom and constant f2.8 aperture
  • LP-E6NH batteries

Canon Cinema EOS C50

  • Super 35mm 4K sensor (same as the Cinema EOS C200)
  • No IBIS
  • RF Mount
  • Internal ND (10 Stops)
  • CLog 2 & CLog 3
  • 4:2:0 8bit internally onto SD cards up to 4K60 & 1080/120
  • No RAW
  • Dual LP-E6NH battery slot

Canon Cinema EOS 8K

Well, this one is known to come since a while, and it made some more or less intentional appearances in the past.

Other Canon video cameras that are on a possible release list are the Cinema EOS C90 and Cinema EOS C200 Mark II.

There are many factors that could delay these announcements, the global pandemic and related supply chain shortages or other production issues in first place.

Stay tuned, and safe.

Photo Industry Rumor: Sony Working On A Sensor With “zigzag manner pixel type” ?


Interesting rumor from the Sony front. A new imaging sensor with new technology might be in the works.

Our friends at Sony Alpha Rumors got a hot tip about a new imaging sensor with “zigzag manner pixel type”. A source told them:

Sony released the information of a zigzag manner pixel type, high-speed 12lane SLVS-EC 5G, 61 megapixels full-frame Exmor R sensor for value-added reseller. This sesnor [sic] has 3.76um pixel size but 45-degree rotated, to output 120 megapixels for industry or security application.

Their source also sent them a leaflet that appears to refer to this new imaging sensor. Looks rather interesting. Sony has always been a huge technological innovator in the camera industry. Wouldn’t be surprised if they come out with a new technology. In any case a new imaging sensor released by this company is always a big thing. And btw, Canon is also producing a large set of super specialised imaging sensors. Some of then are truly exciting, like extreme high ISO sensors that “can see in the dark“.


The Next Canon EOS R5 Firmware Will Include These New Features

Canon EOS R5 Firmware Update Sony A7s Iii

Rumored since a while and yet not released, the next Canon EOS R5 firmware update got a new heads up.

Some new murmurings about the next Canon EOS R5 firmware update emerged, and it seems it is not yet in the hands of selected testers, despite it was scheduled to be. Blame the pandemic. This is was the next R5 firmware is murmured to bring on your trusty camera:

  • Canon Cinema RAW light addition
  • C-Log 3
  • 1080p @ 120fps
  • New Codec(s)
  • Bug fixes

The firmware update might get released around April 2021. We expect more firmware updates, notably for the EOS R6 and the EOS-1D X Mark III. When? No one knows for sure besides that it will be within 2021. Blame the pandemic.

Source: Canon Rumors

Camera Predictions 2021: Canon EOS R1, Sony a7IV, Panasonic GH6, and what else?

Camera Predictions 2021 Canon Eos 7d

Curious about camera predictions 2021? Not a rumor post but an educated guess about what cameras we might see getting released in 2021.

The camera prediction 2021 comes from Dan Watson. The 15 minutes video below looks at rumored cameras that might get released in 2021. Can’t say for the others, but the Canon EOS R1 is indeed rumored to be released in 2021 (“R1” is a moniker invented by the community, not an official Canon denomination). Other cameras Dan discusses are the Sony a7 IV, the Panasonic GH6, and more “crazy awesome cameras we should see announced in 2021“. Enjoy.

We expect some new gear from Canon in 2021. Here is a possible RF mount lens roadmap and here we have a list of all Canon cameras rumored to get released in 2021. And if someone told you the EOS M system is going to die please have a look here. All our Canon and camera rumors are listed here.

What are your camera predictions for 2021?