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(CW4) Canon EOS 5D Mark IV coming as 2 versions (5D Mark IV & Mark IVc, 28MP vs 18MP)

I have been told (thanks) that Canon will announce two versions of the EOS 5D Mark III successor: the EOS 5D Mark IV and the EOS 5D Mark IVc. The former will be a “straight” update to the EOS 5D Mark III, the latter will be more video oriented, and it will feature 4k (while the Mark IV will not).

The source suggests that the 5D Mark IVc will have a lower resolution sensor than the 5D Mark IV, and that some of the technologies featured on Canon’s Cinema cameras will be sported on the 5D Mark IVc. The source also mentioned that the 5D Mark IVc will have the dual-channel readout of the EOS C300 Mark II (this rumor was already floating around the web).

I have some new specs to report. The source stated that the 5D Mark IVc will have

  • 18MP
  • 61 point AF system
  • ISO 100-204.800
  • 4k video (source says Canon has yet to define the frame rate)
  • Dual Pixel AF III
  • Many advanced video features
  • Features taken from Canon’s Cinema cameras

An interesting point: the source stated that Canon has yet to mark the frame rate for 4k video recording on the 5D Mark IVc. Apparently there are some heat issues with the frame rates Canon wants to deliver, which could be due to firmware problems.

The “straight” 5D Mark IV may have the following specs;

  • 28MP sensor
  • 12fps
  • Dual Pixel AF III
  • New and more advanced AF system (compared to EOS 5D Mark III), apparently it will not be the same AF as the 5D Mark IVc (which sounds a bit weird to me)
  • Anti-flickr technology (seen first on the EOS 7D Mark II)
  • Crop mode (featured on the EOS 5Ds)
  • ISO 100-204.800 (expandable to 409.600)

In general, expect many of the technologies Canon unveiled with their latest cameras to be featured on the EOS 5D Mark IV and 5D Mark IVc. Announcement of both cameras is expected between Summer and Fall 2015.

Stay tuned, and let me know what you think….

About our rumor rating:

  • CW1 – probably fake rumor, not reliable (less than 15% chance to be real)
  • CW2 – rumor from an unknown/new source, but otherwise at least a plausible rumor (20%-49% chance to be real)
  • CW3 – around 50% chance to be real, coming from a known source, or from new source with good insight in Canon’s business
  • CW4 – rumor from a known source that was right in the past, high probability to be true (60%-80% chance to be real)
  • CW5 – as good as certain to be true
  • lw

    If they are so different in specification, not just resolution, then why call them both 5D?

    • Kallai Iosif Gavril

      BEcause it is the same body.

  • LUO

    5d mk4 specs sound good so far.. now only hope it´s as isoless sensor that has increased DR.
    then im a happy camper.

    • MikeD

      I could care less for increased DR. Higher fps, improved AF and more mpx is all I need

      • Laren

        and who exactly cares what you need?
        the majority of canon users want higher DR for years.

        • MikeD

          The majority? If the majority wanted it then Canon wouldn’t still be the leader in every market/segment. It’s a nice to have but it isn’t the main “concern”

          • KLATU

            it is the main concern.. open your eyes and read some forums.

          • toyotatundra

            Well if DR has been that big of an issue (for years), I would suspect that the Canon followers would have made a switch to another brand by now.

          • Freddy

            Most Canon users aren’t active on internet forums. If the vast majority of consumers wanted something that Canon doesn’t offer, they would have voted with their wallets for one of the competitors. But since Canon is the market leader, clearly the majority of consumers do not think that DR is such a major concern as a few diehard enthusiasts think it is.

          • CanikonRule

            True that Canon shooters are not active in forums, they don’t have to wait for next rumor as they have everything in their system. Go to any Sony forum and you will find millions of comments from people that they don’t own a camera yet :)
            Meanwhile Canikonian are out shooting photos.

          • Fraser King

            It’s only the main concern for tech heads and a few specialists (landscapers particularly). How many people need to push shadows as far as the Exmor allows. I don’t hear professionals, those using their Canon cameras every day, screaming for shadow pushing sensors. If every photographer was bothered about DR, we would all be using Nikon cameras. But we are not!

        • The difference in the real world between the Sony sensors (used also by Nikon) that sport 14+ Evs DR and the Canon ones with ~12 Evs DR is negligible. Only pixel peepers and forum geeks are asking for more DR…and of course dxomark…

          Go out and use your camera. Enjoy it. If you stay indoor and read forums all the time it won’t be good and you will be transformed in a forum and tests geek…

          P.S. Like someone said before Canon is the leader in camera sales for 10+ consecutive years. So users like their products and are well served by them.

          • kl1

            your argumentation makes no sense.
            if DR is not a concern then nothing is a concern… just stop developing.

          • I’m very curious to see your work… :-P because you sound more like a theoretician than a practician…

        • CanikonRule

          What majority are you talking about, not all photographers are stupid to make crappy exposure at ISO 100 and later they feel blessed because they can pull sliders in LR.
          DXO boy!

        • really?

          The majority of armchair photographers want that, but they are better served with m43 or phones.

        • Fraser King

          And you represent the majority of Canon users? I don’t think so.

  • Doc

    Like to hear about a 18MP version. Hope to see the best Canon colors and lowest possible noise performance. There would be one point on my wishlist: An even smaller 6D upgrade, with this 18MPs. Thanks!

  • telemaque

    Interesting rumor… If confirmed, it will mean that Canon will continue a parallel development of improved video features inside photo cameras despite the Cinema EOS line’s continuying development. The last interview we saw from the Canon’s top executive was not so clear on this. This interview gave me the feeling the Cinema EOS line will look at video and the photo camera will anyhow drop the video features… Maybe Canon does listen to the market more than we think… Maybe their price levels are still unacceptable?!

    • Philip Bloom

      Meaning Canon want to screw its market even more like…..

      • telemaque

        Getting an answer from Philip Bloom for my very first comment on this forum is …. an honor! Thanks

        I watch your videos about new cameras with great interest.

        I loved the “late better than never” report on C100 and I was amazed by your results with Sony alpha S on low light in Brighton!

        I feel Canon is following trends more than setting them today.

  • Jonathan

    uhhh… You know how I know this rumor is crap? 12 FPS. Also, there’s no such thing as Dual Pixel AF II, how could they jump straight to DPAF III? Finally… having 4 different, current, 5D cameras seems implausible. So… that’s how I know this rumor is crap. I’d adjust the CW rating if it were me.

    • Keith Cooper

      actually there is dual pixel AF II

      • Klaas

        for 12 fps they just have to use the 1D X shutter so what´s the problem?
        the new 1DX could have 16 FPS and all is well for the lineup.

        • Jonathan

          Mmm hmmm… Right. THAT’S going to happen. You should probably go ahead and start holding your breath now.

          • luke

            there have been rumors of 1dx2 with global shutter and ~30fps, (well 30 seems a bit much), but if this is true, then 12 fps for 5d sounds normal and i don’t believe that 5d could steal current 1dx users if 1dx2 will follow. also 4 different models don’t seem too impossible as canon is adjusting to the marked and one of the biggest threats now is sony. sony has 3 a7 models and it seems it is working for them (although they differ in price, which won’t happen with canon line)

      • Jonathan

        On what? Even the C300 Mark II just has “enhanced DPAF”

      • Jonathan

        Not sure about that. Text for 7D Mark II… In addition, the EOS 7D Mark II is the second EOS DSLR camera to incorporate Canon’s innovative Dual Pixel CMOS AF system for rapid and precise focusing of video as well as still images.
        Thats different than DPAF II.

    • Freddy

      Maybe they are following in Sony’s footsteps with multiple versions of the same body?

      General purpose: A7 – 5D Mark IV
      High resolution: A7r – 5Ds / 5Ds R
      Optimised for video: A7s – 5D Mark IVc

      And the 7D Mark II has DPAF II. The 70D had the first version of DPAF.

      • Jonathan

        No it doesn’t. Here’s the text from the press release: In addition, the EOS 7D Mark II is the second EOS DSLR camera to incorporate Canon’s innovative Dual Pixel CMOS AF system for rapid and precise focusing of video as well as still images.

    • kacoooper

      Sounds pretty implausible to me too ;-)
      There appears to be a rash of recycled bits and pieces of rumours going round at the moment related to the 5D3 replacement.

    • Fraser King

      The 7D2 has 10 fps, and its not beyond sensor developers to get 12 fps from a 28mp sensor. Having 4 5 series cameras is an issue why? DPAF2 is already present. As for the surety of the rumour, who knows. It’s probably as reliable as any other.

  • Please no more cameras

    Canon needs to forget about camera’s they have been trying and failing for years , printers are what they are the best at

    • Keith Cooper

      sony should stop making lenses or drop out of tech biz completely.
      their lenses suck (1.5 -2 star ratings at photozone… lol) and they barely make money outside the insurance sector..
      nikon should stop making cameras as they failed to produce one without grave errors.
      and when sony closes down they have no sensors anyway.
      pentax should concentrate on making flashy colors.. they are good at that.
      olympus should stop making cameras., instead they should create art filters for casio cameras.
      panasonic.. well pana is so crappy they should just shut down their camera biz and make toasters.

      • taoisms

        the sony FE 55mm is one of the sharpest lens dxo has ever tested. Also Zeiss – Sony lenses are quite good. Good luck with Canon’s four year old sensor tech.

    • toyotatundra

      Good thing you’re not from the UK or else you could get jail time for trolling.

    • Philip Bloom

      Perhaps Canon could look at making electronic scales and lampshades?

    • Freddy

      So a market leader position is a fail? More customers are choosing Canon cameras than any other brand. Canon have tried to make cameras that sell, and that’s exactly what they have succeeded at. Sales is what all commercial businesses care about. It doesn’t matter if your products aren’t the best in a technical sense as long as people are buying them in droves.

  • Philip Bloom

    Take your time Canon as I’m enjoying my 5D3 for a while yet!

    • CanikonRule

      Well said Philip.

  • ayman

    after all my dissapointments with canon’s recent announcements. i hope the 5dc will be the camera i’ve been waiting for for so long. honestly, i’ve never liked the image of the eos cinema cameras,, though the high dynamic range in the newest one seems to have considerably improved it. to my eyes, colors of dslrs seem far richer and more cinematic. my only dissatisfaction with canon’s dslrs was related to resolution and dr, which will hopefully be addressed in the new cam.

    • medical

      Stop taking that stuff.


    Hurry up Canon!!! I love my 5D Mark III and want to have it as my backup to the 5D Mark IV. If it comes with the 12fps & 28mp & 4K, looks like this can be the ultimate affordable camera!

  • disqus_Wz58Qq14ii

    lol…. “lets split them to make more money” They had the potential to be the leader in DSLR revolution. Now the only ones on canon are the die hards. Sony and Panasonic are stepping up……

  • DR is going to be a huge issue with Canon if they do not address. Less people (even pros) using elaborate light set ups. Larger, 4k Monitors for editing, etc makes canons ugly, noisy, banded shadows stand out like a sore thumb. The SONY sensor has really moved the needle forward. I believe Canon is going to eventually have to let SONY do the sensor designs (much like Apple going to Intel) to keep pace.

    • Moulyneau

      Well, that’s your opinion. If one day all cameras were equipped with the same sensor, that’s the end of photography. If you like sunrises pix evenly lit all over, fine. When you will have seen thousands of them same, it’s gonna get very boring. It’s already for me, it’s just a trend. Until now, it wasn’t to nice to hear: “wow, nice pic, what’s your camera?” because you involved yourself in it. With your new sensors, that’s going to be the norm. No more photographers, just cameras that think for you, auto-correct your lack of vision and produce the same boring pictures by millions. Thanks for this glorious future! I sure wish Canon to continue improving their sensors and system, but truly hope they stick to their guns and continue to deliver stuff for photographers.

  • Thai Pham

    the MKIV specs look awesome but 12fps looks too good to be true. Give me 8-9fps with all things rumored on that list and I’d pre-order ASAP.

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