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(CW5) Image and Specs of Canon 5Ds and 5Ds R leaked (50MP sensor) – Updated 2, user poll, more specs, sensor by Canon


UPDATE 2: In the meantime a more detailed spec list leakedBoth DSLRs will be available late March/April 2015.

– Sensor Effective Pixels 50.6MP. The total number of pixels 53MP CMOS
– 5DS R is a low-pass filter is disabled
– RAW (50MP), M-RAW (28MP), S-RAW (12.4MP)
– Media CF (UDMA7), SD / SDHC / SDXC (UHS-I)
– Dual DIGIC6
– Crop 1.3x and 1.6x
– Finder penta prism, 100% field of view, magnification 0.71 times, the eye point 21mm
– Electronic Level
– Grid display
– AF 61 points (41 points cross type). EV-2 support.
– Anti-flicker
– Time-lapse movie
– Bulb timer
– Live View, the contrast AF (face recognition)
– 150,000 pixel RGB-TR metering sensor. 252 zone TTL metering
– EOS iSA system
– ISO100-6400 (extended with ISO50 and ISO12800)
– The shutter speed is 30 seconds -1/8000 seconds. Synchro is 1/200 sec
– Continuous shooting 5 frames / sec.
– Video 1920×1080 30fps (ALL-I or IPB)
– LCD monitor 3.2 inches 1.04 million dot
– Mini HDMI output terminal. External microphone terminal
– Battery LP-E6N / LP-E6
– The size 152 x 116.4 x 76.4mm
– Weighs 930g (CIPA guidelines). 845g (body only)


I got some more tidbits about the specs (thanks). Here is the new specification list (lines in bold are the new specs):

  • 50.6MP full-size CMOS sensor (53MP total count)
  • 5DS R is without low-pass filter
  • Magnesium alloy body
  • Dust and water sealed
  • Dual processor DIGIC6
  • Regular sensitivity ISO 100-6400, expand to 12800
  • Continuous shooting 5 frames / sec.
  • High precision 61-point AF, 41 cross type
  • EOS iTR AF
  • 150,000 pixel RGB + IR photometry sensor
  • Added “fine detail” to the Picture Style
  • 1.3x and 1.6x crop shooting mode
  • Customizable “Quick Control Screen”
  • Time-lapse movie
  • Anti-flicker
  • Interval Timer
  • Bulb timer
  • No headphone terminal
  • No DAF
  • No HDMI output for video (clean out). Not to compete with 5D III other video features are same.

The source also stated that the sensor is made by Canon using a new CMOS manufacturing process. I rate the added specs as CW3. The new specs (if real) confirm that these are DSLRs not oriented to the videographers.


Image and specs of the upcoming Canon 5Ds and EOS 5Ds R leaked at digicame-info. Two models will be announced next week, the EOS 5Ds and the EOS 5Ds R. Yesss, it’s a full-frame, high resolution Canon DSLR! :-)

The specs look impressing:

  • 50.6MP full-size CMOS sensor
  • 5DS R is without low-pass filter
  • Magnesium alloy body
  • Dust and water sealed
  • Dual processor DIGIC6
  • Regular sensitivity ISO 100-6400
  • Continuous shooting 5 frames / sec.
  • High precision 61-point AF
  • EOS iTR AF
  • 150,000 pixel RGB + IR photometry sensor
  • Added “fine detail” to the Picture Style
  • 1.3x and 1.6x crop shooting mode
  • Customizable “Quick Control Screen”
  • Time-lapse movie
  • Anti-flicker
  • Interval Timer
  • Bulb timer

There is no mention of Dual Pixel AF. Hence I think these cameras are not oriented to the videographers crowd. Moreover, looking at the so far leaked specs these appear to be DSLRs heavily oriented to stills photography. Another surprise is the relatively small ISO range, topping at ISO 6400, which makes me think that Canon wanted to keep sensor noise low. The pixel density of a full-frame 50MP sensor is more or less the same as on a 20MP APS-C sensor. The EOS 5Ds and EOS 5Ds R are not for the sport and wildlife photogs out there. Both cameras are for studio and landscape photography.

The two crop modes are an interesting feature, for sure it was on the wish list of many pros, and it is a primer for Canon. All in all, and judging according to the specs, these are two cameras that professional photographers will love. Looks like Canon is well listening to the needs of their customers.

The big question is: is this a Sony sensor?!? What do you think?

Do you think the EOS 5Ds and EOS 5Ds R have a sensor made by Sony?

  • YES (48%, 1,146 Votes)
  • NO (28%, 681 Votes)
  • Don't know/don't care (24%, 582 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,409

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[via digicame-info]
  • Paul

    Congratulation Canon! Very good with D5 model. And I can choise with or whithout aliasing filter, wow… well done…

    • SAR_Admin

      Fucking cool cam. Hope the A7rII will be even better than that one :)

      • Guest

        Any need for that language?

        • Nitram

          Language is language. It is simply used to convey the thoughts in a persons head. If the word ‘fuck’ or any other word is in that persons head then ‘yes’ there is a need, if your goal is to to deliver your thoughts in the most accurate way possible (which is nearly always preferable IMO). Whether you like it or not, offence is a symptom of a weak mind and as such is not something you should be rushing to advertise your susceptibility to.

          • Civility Sam Who Gives A

            With respect, I disagree. There are norms of civility that allow us to live together in close proximity to each other. One of the norms is avoiding the use of “fuck.” Fact is, the word is mostly used by people whose synapses are functioning poorly due to an unfortunate DNA history, or chemical abuse. You may be brilliant and just trying to look ‘cool’ or whatever, but it is a reality that using “fuck” in public conversation, or the written word marks the user as …. well, you know.

          • Joe

            Get over yourself

          • poor synapse

            you just used it twice

          • Ridiculous

            I am so glad I am not you.

          • Apprentice

            Thank you for your input, doctor…

        • Antiduott

          yes :)

        • Mike

          The word may sound more offensive to English native speakers than it does to everyone else. We know English from movies, and they use that word in almost every fucking movie!

        • GH4 Eva

          And he’s the Sony Rumours admin…my goodness

      • canonwatch

        no way! Canon rules. These two DSLR are again game changers :-) However, we still have to learn if the sensor is made by Sony or by Canon

        • Wayne

          You don’t really believe that, do you? Game changers… they just swapped the sensor… haha… nice joke otherwise.
          Still no EVF, no IBIS, nothing interesting. Just another copy-paste development with a new sensor. And that one might even come from Sony. So…

          • Kelly Padgett


          • Sky

            Greetings to the mirrorless world. How’s going? Still no OVF? Still AF sucks hard? Still spamming new bodies every few months?

          • Perspective

            You don’t need an EVF if you have live view and the display can tilt.
            IBIS is useful but not really a game changer unless you are a noob who cannot pick the right exposure quickly, or use a small tripod. IBIS is for beginners, this camera is not, so I would not worry.
            The big question is: will this expensive toy have a touch screen? And tiltable?

          • WeAreNotThatBad

            touch screen? and you talk about IBIS being for noobs? lol good one!

          • paul ross jones

            have you used an EVF? they are awful! terrible in low light, they lag and you can’t see fine details. i will like eves when they get sorted, but at the moment (as in the a7r i have) optical are far better. imo. paul

          • EVFs have their issues, but they actually work _better_ in poor light than the regular DSLR viewfinder.

          • taoisms

            Clearly these people have never used an EVF.

          • dyna

            Ridiculous. I use only EVF cameras (at this point the A7ii and the A7s) and your comments couldn’t be further from the truth. I shoot weddings, occasionally only lit by candle light or by christmas lights and I have far better idea of focus and exposure than any mirrored product has ever given me.

        • SkyMeow

          The real game changers were D800/e. This is no where as exciting as D800 when it was announced. This is like “been there, done that ” thing. Other than “50mp” for marketing, I don’t really find anything impressive about it.

      • nwimu

        this isn’t possible.. :)

        • Sky

          Considered that every single company can get better output from Sony sensors than Sony itself – I would be shocked if Sony would get an upper hand this time.

          • dyna

            You’ve never shot an A7ii or an A7s.

      • Nope

        I doubt it… That would be a first at Sony.

    • they can’t get it right

      no they canceled the one without

    • luaP

      “D5″…. “choise”… “whithout”….
      Wow… Congratulations! well done comment…. you must be an engineer!

      What exactly did you expect from Canon? … A Transformers DSLR that even talks?!?

  • jevgeni

    niiiice. iso sensivity is a bit low, but I think that is normal for a large MP sensor

  • nwimu


  • WTH

    SHIT! What about the 3rd 5D Mark IV thats suppose to be released? These specs are so useless and crappy for the typical shooter. The Dual Digic is sure a welcome, but high MP + ISO range and lack of 4K video is a dead beat.

    • Kelly Padgett

      They are not going to sacrifice their Cinema line of cameras.. forget the 4k for now

    • Sky

      “These specs are so useless and crappy for the typical shooter.” – I’m chocking. As a guy shooting Sony and Nikon I can tell you that – I wish either of these companies would deliver such a “useless specs” cause I would instantly upgrade for that body.

      • dyna

        Is 36mp really that poor? Does anyone really expect this camera at 50mp to best the low light sensitivity and dynamic range of the A7s? The answer, logically, should be no. I expect this camera to do very well indeed but it will definitely be a low light product. The Dual Digic processors will be there to pipeline the deservedly huge files. I can’t wait to see how Adobe blows the translation of these CRWs.

    • Richard

      lmao. typical shooter needs 4k? what are you smoking?

  • Charles

    meh, looks like the old one – no innovation from Canon – just kidding ;)

  • Michael – Visual Pursuit

    No global shutter, no multilayer RGB imager, less high ISO performance. Not really what I had hoped for. It will certainly sell well, though.

    • Sky

      Wow, that’s a very specific and totally unrealistic list of demands… I mean: hopes you got there.

      I guess you’ll have to live with these disappointments for at least several more years, as camera with global shutter, multilayer sensor and at the same time better high ISO sensitivity is very unlikely to happen any time soon if at all (by the laws of physics it seems that bayer sensor cameras will always hold an upper ground over multilayer sensors).

      • Sky

        (an upper ground in high ISO image quality)

      • Michael – Visual Pursuit

        Looking at the latest patents published by Canon, this is not unrealistic at all.
        There’s plenty of stuff that would allow exactly this. Global shutter is certainly much easier than a whole new chip architecture, but aside of that Wifi, GPS, built-in radio controller for flash – just a political decision not to deliver that.

        • dyna

          That’s the thing: this really isn’t new chip architecture… which global shutter absolutely would be. Seeing as how they’ve only begun to truly make useful, reliable global shutter systems on cameras like the F65, it remains illogical to expect it to appear on a sub $5k DSLR

  • James

    What? No 4K? At that price?

    • Hi, did you see a price somewhere, I couldn’t find it?

    • the 4K scam

      Why? Do you need it?

      • GH4 Eva

        yes for VIDEO chump

  • Mike

    That ISO is so low. I understand high MP= lower ISO, but still. I expected better. Been waiting since 5D Mkii…I needed higher ISO.

    • 1o1

      you shoot such cameras in studios .. with plenty of light.
      this is about optimal performance at low iso.. this is not a sports camera or for newspaper photographer.
      at ISO 6400 any camera today produces image that are useless for high quality printing.

      • Stewart Shields

        “Useless”? Your definition must be much different than everyone else I know. I’ve produced lots at 6400 that look fantastic in print from a Canon 6D. If you’r used to purely shooting in a controlled lighting studio, I guess you’re used to ISO 100 on everything?

    • Charles

      buy a 6d

      • glowinthedark

        or a Sony alpha 7S ;)

        • Sky

          Too expensive, too little glass, too poor customer support, and no: I’m not going to use adapters for my basic lenses.

          • taoisms

            How is the a7s too expensive when the 5D mark III is still more expensive with a discount?

          • dyna

            Sony has full professional services in place for their photo/videographers. They have their own version of CPS, announced in October of last year. The A7s takes both stills and video at a quality that elude both the 6D and the 5DMkIII. If you’re a videographer you don’t even flinch at adapters and manual focus. If you’re a still photographer who needs AF then the system continues to grow with several more by March of this year and Sony themselves claiming at CES another 10 by 2016. The A7s is a bargain in comparison to the 6D or the 5DMkIII.

    • Richard

      you know .. you can shoot in expanded mode. and with 50Mp you can scrub down and boost your exposure to your hearts content and still end up with a facebook image.

  • Robert

    I don’t believe, Sony is going to produce a special sensor for Canon. It wouldn’t match the “economy of scale” for production. Sony is going to sell the very same sensor for everybody.

    So if there is no Dual-Pixel-AF in the 5D then it must be a Sony sensor!
    Then, Sony seems to be the winner of the sensor-game.
    So far :-)

    • Richard

      canon’s the largest manufacturer of ILC cameras in the world. I’m sure Sony would LOVE to start handling Canon’s full frame and cropped sensors.

      • FormerlyE

        Well ….
        IF Sony and Canon swaps patents to make a larger leap in sensor tech, then, in effect, Canon and Sony put Nikon in a very bad spot.
        Such new partnership would place Canon in a very vulnerable position further down the line if Sony is the only company left with research resources for sensors.
        Time will tell.

  • Canoon

    Finally a crop mode, that is amazing, let’s expect the fps increase as the crop mode increases.
    The iso sensitivity is a bit low but we will see.

    • 34567897

      it´s because it is just a scaled 7D MK2 sensor.

      • Sky

        Highly unlikely. 7D Mk II supports up to ISO 51200, this one is limited to ISO 12800.

        • Richard

          canon never reports the high / expansion modes. Odds are you can set this to 50 to 25600 ISO.

  • Norber

    iso 6400…. that sounds like the sensor tech is the same as the 7D MK2.

    • At least its honest, beside the A7s, I see a lot of cameras that claim having a super high ISO and produces really bad images as soon as you look at them – not even closely .

      • Jesus Loves You

        You saw the World Press winner this year I take it, fantastic picture even though it is technically imperfect. High ISO cameras have a definite place in reportage.

  • 43545435345435345344

    i call this rumor bullsh*t.
    and that you say it´s CW5 show that you have no clue.

    • jojo

      Did you not notice the by-line “via digicame-info” – that site has the best record of any
      rumour site – it’s almost always correct!

      • canonwatch

        @jojo: yes, it is. A leak by DC is almost sure to be true

      • 34543523

        no it is not.

        • not 34543523

          yes it is.

    • CW5

      … and I call you troll…

  • SDP

    Sounds good to me, I like the features of the camera and it seems to be aimed more at shooters that use the camera for something other than sports. Would be very interested in the price… I don’t think it will be much more than the 5D mk3 when that came out.

    • Norbert

      for me it sounds like a noisy camera…..
      if they had just scaled the 7D MK2 sensor they could have a native 100-12800 ISO range easily.

      • SDP

        I think if we follow Canon’s way of thinking for there cameras they focus more on image quality at high ISO’s vs other brands that push out higher ISO capacity cameras that are not always on the same level as Canon.
        I think the range of 100-6400 is fine if someone needed more out of the camera theres the other models to choose from, I don’t think this is a replacement for anything I think its more of an addition.

  • SteB1

    It seems plausible and seem to have a good reputation. As others have noted, ISO 6400 on a modern DSLR seems a bit low. The pixel density would be around the present APS-C level, and yet most of the current APS-C DSLRs go higher. I’m well aware these settings are of limited use, but it just seems slightly odd that Canon would go against the trend. There was of course another rumour about a lower megapixel model.

  • BDWT

    Goodbye Canon, it was nice being a customer but this relationship is souring. Unless there’s a sub $4000, 4K 5D being announced in the coming weeks, I’ll be jumping ship along with many others to join the Sony and Panny 4K party, which in turn will likely increase the awareness of 4K, resulting in more client and market demand for 4K content, thus further hurting your 1080p, H.264 DSLR sales…

    • w34567543

      and who cares what you will do?

      • Antiduott

        typical Canon proud idiotic :) well you will care when your beloved camera company will create only printers and coffee mugs in the future :D.sad news is that your brain left you the moment you wrote this. But the good news is, that at least I can finally see what kind of customers buy Canon :)

    • Richard

      we care? if you so needed 4K so desperately why the blazes are you still here? o.O

      • BDWT

        Look at how they’ve segregated their product line compared to their competitors: they’re shooting themselves in the foot and losing the respect of indie filmmakers. While Sony and Panasonic are offering photo cameras <$3000 that shoot great video for the photo/videographers out there, they also have dedicated videocameras that offer better quality "future-proof" 4k technology at sub $9000 price tags. Meanwhile Canon has absolutely none of the above, their closest competing videocamera is the C500 with a $16,000 price tag or the 1DC with it's $10,000 price tag. They're banking too much on the brand name and it's damn disrespectful to their existing customers like myself who switched over to Canon several years ago for their (at the time) innovative DSLR video and who have since loaded up on Canon glass. I'm only "still here" because I'm waiting for new camera announcements before I decide to switch, yet again.

        • Richard

          if you’re thinking a 50Mp camera should be tailored to 4K video i think you have other problems

          • Philip Bloom

            another EGO driven clown ^^^^

            Stop playing with your Richard, Richard……..

          • BDWT

            Thank you Philip, if that IS really you.

          • BDWT

            That’s not at all what I’ve been saying. You’re completely missing the point I’ve been trying to make. They’re taking us Canon Video shooters for a ride, they picked us all up with the 7D-5D series, and have since failed to produce a new DSLR that’s keeping up with the competition. Many of us were expecting this early 2015 announcement to be a new 4K DSLR, the baby brother to the 1DC, at the very least -not a disappointing rehash of a Mark3 body with a new sensor. I could care less about 50mp, only a few years ago we were all in agreement that no one needed more than 12mp, now people scoff at it. It’s stupid.

    • Idea

      Have fun with your new toys. May I suggest the Chinese toy with balls and a string, on top?

  • AL – Photography

    Just what i was waiting for.
    Canon does listen to it´s customers!!
    They can get rid of Video altogether if they made a still image optimized Camera.

    • Antiduott

      :D you belong to zoo. there should be sign, “these were the guys who called themselves photographers once”.

      • Sky

        Troll harder.

  • Limstick

    Where do i place my preorder? :)
    The long wait is over.

  • Antiduott

    who will buy this and what will you use it for ? and ofcourse how will you edit it :). i am interested, i am listening !

    • Sky

      Landscape photographers. Studio photographers. Fashion photographers. Etc. etc. etc. There’s plenty of disciplines where you shoot at low ISOs and need could use high resolution.

    • paul ross jones

      anyone who shoots a horizontal shot for a billboard or dps that also needs to be cropped into a vertical for a single page layout. or when the client wants to crop heavily into a shot. these things happen all the time in advertising and commercial photography. this is why medium format exists.

  • keep on failing

    You can put a Sony in the Canon but it won’t help – Canon was the best of two companies ,their run is over

  • If it comes at a price tag of 4000 euros without 4k video, go kill yourselves Canon.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    A 50MP DSLR will be a rea breakthrough for certain types of shooting. I’m excited to see this launch. But I’d much prefer a tiny FF camera with 24MP, a great EVF, 4K and 1DX autofocus and burst.

    Small, super cameras are more interesting to me than the megapixel race. Still, for studio and landscape shooting, this camera will be amazing.

    And if indeed Canon has finally surrendered Sensor fab to Sony, that doesn’t seem like a long term good thing. Competition is good even though Canon trailed.

    • Caerolle

      I agree. I’d love to see a mirrorless with a dual-pixel 35mm sensor, and a smaller, lighter body than the 6D. As long as I am wishing, though, I would want the EVF to be at least yet another step beyond the current ‘state-of-the-art’ (Fuji X-T1, Olympus E-M1). Really, even better for me would be a great APS-C sensor, and new, dedicated lens. That certainly is far into the realm of wishful thinking, though.

      • DouglasGottlieb

        Maybe the long rumored EOSM3 will finally deliver.

        • Caerolle

          Ima guess if they are calling it the M3, it will be the same as the M2, with some small new feature. Maybe a selfie tilt screen, since the biggest market for the M seems to be as a high-end compact.

          • DouglasGottlieb

            “M3” sets the bar pretty high for a small camera, historically, at least. But a selfie friendly high end compact is probably more likely.

      • Sky

        Why would you need it to be mirrorless? There’s absolutely no reason to, it’s a high MPx body for working at low ISOs, not a camera for street photography. And OVF is much better for studio than EVF, regardless how “state-of-the-art” that EVF is.

      • taoisms

        Don’t hold your breath for that mirrorless coming from Canon.

        • Caerolle

          Yeah, I am not. I am guessing another model for the Asian market only.

  • Stewart Shields

    Why are some people in here lying off the handle about a rumored spec sheet?! I doesn’t say anything about a battery included so I guess we will have to plug it into the wall to use it. It also doesn’t mention a warranty, so I guess we don’t get that either. No mention of viewfinder or screen so Canon expects us to shoot BLIND. …. I think we should we wait for the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT before some of you start crying and throwing rocks. I’m still having a hard time understanding/believing TWO models with EXACTLY the same specs except for the AA Filter. I’m thinking there’s more to this…

    • Sky

      People will throw rocks on this camera regardless how amazing it is. Because it’s Canon and not one of these brands that internet trolls love most these days – Sony, Fuji or (hahaha) Samsung.

  • Guest

    It doesn’t say anything about a viewfinder, a battery, or a warranty, so I guess that means we will shoot blind, have to plug it into the wall, and are totally screwed if it breaks after a week. It’s a RUMOR spec list. Let’s wait until the OFFICIAL announcement before we start throwing rocks at this thing. I’m sure there are some things missing or incorrect from this list.

  • Michael – Visual Pursuit

    This will likely kill all medium format cameras on the market. But that was a dying market anyway.

  • SteveHood

    “Looks like Canon is well listening to the needs of their customers.”

    No, they are just responding to their main competitors offering.

  • Caerolle

    So, MSRP $5000?

  • MyConstipatedEyes

    Canon. Pray to the camera gods that Sony’s tragic 11+7 bit lossy compression doesn’t infect Canon’s line as it has Sony’s mirrorless line.

    • GH

      Sony’s compressed output is still better than Canon’s uncompressed output, at least to this point. We’ll see if Canon has upped their game with new sensor tech in the 5Ds.

      • Sky

        At base ISO and if you don’t care about colors – yes. But that’s about it. Every other company using Sony gets better results from Sony sensors than Sony does so if you want to point out someone to look up to – at least make it a company with competitive image output.

  • Sky

    “Do you think the EOS 5Ds and EOS 5Ds R have a sensor made by Sony?”

    Define what made means. It most likely will be manufactured by Canon but design would be made by Sony, at least partially or using patents from Canon-Sony patent exchange.

  • If this were a Sony based sensor or used Sony licensed technology, it would certainly have an ISO higher than 6400. This is a Canon stopgap sensor likely designed 2 years ago to address noise concerns at low ISO’s and with resolution to match what the competition had coming out. 6400 ISO is the best they could do with acceptable noise at that pixel density at the current Canon wafer fab. I’d bet the 1DX successor get’s the newer sensor.

    • Sky

      They might have artificially limited ISO range. Sensor designed 2 years ago would have at least ISO 20480. 7D mkII can go up to ISO 51200. So I very much doubt it’s such a dated sensor. Most likely they just artificially limited the ISO range to make the camera appear better at the “highest ISO”.

  • Richard

    someone in CR’s forums trolled (perhaps) that he sent in the false rumor to both CR and CW that sony and canon were sharing. (name of KAI).

  • peevee

    ISO sucks for a FF camera. Made for the best primes only, obviously.

  • pascin

    1) digicam info is generally a reliable source

    2) if these specs are accurate it appears to potentially be an outstanding camera for landscape, studio, fashion

    3) anyone complaining about ISO needs to look at, for example, the ISO of a phase one, which generally tops out at around 1600-3200

    4) anyone that complains about lack
    of 4k should buy a camera designed for video shooters. these are obviously specs geared towards still shooters. different tools for different jobs

    5) i’ve seen suggestions that msrp for body only will be around US$3800. i find that low but it seems to fit within their existing pricing structure

  • GH4 Eva

    WHY THE FUQ CAN’T WE HAVE 1.3x and 1.6x crop shooting mode AS A FIRMWARE UPDATE FOR THE 5D3 FFS????

  • TMS

    This is the camera I’ve been waiting for.

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