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DIY: Adding WiFi to a Canon EOS DSLR on the Cheap

If you want WiFi on your Canon EOS DSLR you have two choices: either get a WiFi enabled memory card, or get a pricey Wireless transmitter. If you want to go for the cheapest solution, and are kin to do some hacking, there is a nice solution for you (at least if you have an Android device). You need the following: an Android smartphone or tablet, a TV Stick with DLSR Controller Beta and DSLR Controller Wi-Fi Stick app installed, and a power bank that acts as a power source for the TV stick. The video above shows the setup.

More details at yugatech and dslrcontroller


  • Ratha

    This set up allow me to copy image from camera to my android smart phone or not?

  • Eddie Franklin

    Probably no way I can do this with chromecast, right?

  • Eumeka Pledger

    if you really wanna go cheaper buy a 12$ tether cord connect it to y ou phone that has data service and every photo taken from the canon camera will be in your phone gallery then you can upload to social media

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