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Fired From Canon Because Not Having Enough Instagram Followers? Not True, Let’s Have A Closer Look

Instagram Followers

Days ago a catching title was thrown into the photography community.

The news came from a major outlet, claiming a photographer was fired from Canon because she didn’t have enough Instagram followers (less than 50k).

According to the news outlet, the lady photographer said:

Let’s talk about followers and followers mattering. I’ll tell you that I booked a huge job — it would have been the biggest job of my career, commercially. I’ll just say it: with Canon. To shoot an ad campaign for them. I got the job, it was amazing. And then literally 20 minutes later, after I had already started making calls to start booking a crew because it was coming real fast, they called me and said, “Oh my God, we can’t hire you.” 

And I said, “Why?” 

And they said, “Because you don’t have 50,000 followers on Instagram.”

Well, it turns out there is nothing true in this story, as The Art of Photography meticulously researched and explains in the video below.

Well, this tells a long story that should make us think. Not just about photographers telling fairy tales but also about how fast those fairy tales (aka fake news) spread onto the Internet.

[via The Art of Photography]
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