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Future Canon PowerShot Cameras to feature Dual Pixel AF on 1″ sensor? [CW2]

Future Canon PowerShot Cameras To Feature Dual Pixel AF On 1″ Sensor? [CW2]
The Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III is the first PowerShot to feature an APS-C sensor with DPAF

The recently announced Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III is not the only PowerShot camera Canon will announce in the next months. We expect a replacement for the G5 X and G3 X, but there might be one or two more new PowerShots. CES in January is a good candidate for PowerShot announcements.

The interesting news is we have been told (thanks) that Canon is going to feature Dual Pixel AF on future PowerShot Cameras with 1″ sensors. DPAF is featured on the PowerShot G1 X Mark III, though this one has an APS-C sensor (first time on a PowerShot).

Featuring Dual Pixel AF on PowerShot cameras would be a smart move by Canon. The company’s patented auto-focus technology is a real game-changer. First introduced with the EOS 70D, DPAF was slowly ported to other photographic and video gear. It’s nowadays featured on mirrorless cameras, on entry-level Rebel DSLRs, high-end gear as the EOS 5D Mark IV and EOS-1D X Mark II, Cinema gear, the new Canon XF405, and on the PowerShot G1 X Mark III. The Canon XF405 has an 1″ sensor, so we can assume Canon already has the assembly line to produce 1″ sensors with Dual Pixel AF.

However, Canon is very slow-paced when it comes to port their proprietary technology to a broader offering. As welcome as it would be to have Dual Pixel AF on consumer oriented PowerShot cameras, I have some doubts about it to happen soon. Hence, I rate it CW2 and will try to gather more information about the topic.

Stay tuned.

  • Jam005

    Smart move by Canon. The obsession by many camera manufacturers to chase the high end $2000+ sector and leave much of the technology to less costly smartphones has been a mistake.

    • CW Steve

      It’s a rumor and I’d take it with a grain of salt

  • Rick

    Yeah I don’t know.

    Alot of things have to happen before Canon upscales it’s 1″ DPAF sensors currently at 8MP to compete against the Sony 1″ sensors.

  • peevee

    Where would Canon get dual-pixel 1″ sensor? After all, the sensors in 1″ Canon cameras is Sony 20 mpix. They would need 40 mpix sensor to make 20 mpis DPAF.
    And of course premium P&S volumes do not warrant fixed cost of designing an alternative sensor. That is why they have used 24mpix APS-C in G1XMk3, same one as used on the bunch of their high-volume DSLRs and mirrorless.

    • CW Steve

      Good point!

    • Rick

      Canon has already created 1″ DPAF sensors for their video cameras. it’s not really a 40mpix sensor. it’s a 20mpix sensor with each pixel cut into two and shares the same microlens and most of the circuitry

      • peevee

        Each pixel cut in 2? How are you going to read them out separately? If you can, it is 40 mpix. If you cannot, you cannot use it for PDAF. And the same shared microlens would not allow differentiation of the direction of the incoming light.

        • Rick

          actually they only read the phase difference between the two, not output the two separately. it wasn’t until the 5D Mark IV that they actually read out one channel separate from the A+B combination.

          it’s still not a 40mpix sensor because of just the nature of it, alot of things are shared between the two halfs.

          and so what? they already have according to your math 48mp APS-C and 72MP full frame sensors then, and already have 16MP 1″ sensors.

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