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HDR Video Captured In Real Time From A Canon EOS 60D (Magic Lantern)

Are there limits to the exploits made available by Magic Lantern and the coding skills of gifted hackers? After all the news of the last weeks and since we learned that even an EOS 50D (here on eBay), a camera that didn’t sport video capabilities, has been enabled to shot RAW footage thanks to the Magic Lantern hack, I thought there would be some rest. Nope.

Tao Ai, University of Toronto grad student, used a Canon EOS 60D with the Magic Lantern hack onboard, a video processing board with a field programmable gate array, and some pieces of code he wrote to capture the HDR feed produced by the 60D. The feed was then run through the video processing board to produce the final footage seen on the screen in the video above. The results is a HDR video feed at 480p and 60fps.

Everything is obviously very experimental, but it shows what can be done, which possibilities are hidden in Canon’s DSLR hardware, and – last but not least – what a skilled programmer can do (and I mean both the ML hackers and Tao Ai).

[via PetaPixel, video shot by Engadget]

Magic Lantern
Image courtesy: PetaPixel


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