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Interview With Canon’s Masaya Maeda (higher res sensors coming, also for EOS-M, more mirrorless in the near future)

Masaya Maeda

Dpreview posted an interview hold at Photokina 2014 with Mr. Masaya Maeda, Managing Director and Chief Executive, Image Communication Products Operations at Canon.

There are some rather interesting snippets I want to quote.

Q: Currently no Canon camera offers more than 22MP. Do your DSLR customers ask for higher resolution?

A: Yes. We know that many of our customers need more resolution and this is under consideration. In the very near future you can expect us to show something in terms of mirrorless and also a higher resolution sensor.

High resolution sensors coming in Canon DSLRs, and for EOS M system sounds good! :-)

About the EOS 7D Mark II:

Q: You’ve had a long time to get feedback from 7D owners – what did they want most in a replacement?

A: Besides a bigger sensor, they wanted the same sort of features found in the EOS-1D X. We did a lot of interviews with 7D users – more than 5000 people in total – and we think that in the EOS 7D Mark II we got very close to achieving EOS-1D-type features in a lightweight body.

The Powershot G7 X has a Sony sensor. Canon thinks…

Q: […] we’ve learned is that the sensor in the G7X is not made by Canon. Does this represent a new philosophy at Canon?

We select the best sensor, whoever the manufacturer is. That’s our policy.

Pragmatism. That’s cool. Stay tuned, there is more to come from Canon in the near future.

[via Dpreview]

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Chuck Westfall

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