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Is Your Canon EOS 5D Mark III Freezing And Losing Files?

EOS 5D Mark III Freezing

It appears that the Canon EOS 5D Mark III (price & specs) has a problem with freezing after having captured a video clip up to a given time limit. The issue may be related to certain CF cards, independently of the card speed. Users report that the camera locked up and lost footage when it reached the 30 minutes limit for clips. Users started a petition to move Canon to release a fix. The letter says:


You have probably heard of many customers globally having problems with Canon 5Dmk3 camera freeze and lost files, both video and stills. If not, this is just one of quite a few forums discussing this for your reference –

We need to draw your attention to us needing you to get it fixed ASAP.
As simple as that – admit it exists and find a solution, please.
We can’t afford losing our files any longer and using the gear that have a problem that is intermittent.

Canon’s answer to one of the users (source: nofilmschool):

We are not aware that there is an issue with these Sandisk cards within the camera. If you suspect it to be the cards, I would recommend trying a different brand and or size to see if the issues persist. We are not aware in advance when new firmware and or changes are coming to the camera. Anything like this would be announced on the Canon EOS web site. I would say that if another card causes the same issue you would want to send the camera in for service. Currently we are not able to recommend one specific brand of cards over another. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you at this time.

It seems to be an intermittent problem, difficult to replicate. The discussion started in this forum.

Have you experienced the issue, is your EOS 5D Mark III freezing?

[via nofilmschool]

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  • peevee

    “Loosing” files? ;) Lose files will make your life fun (or give you an STD). ;)

    • Admin


  • Maxim Drygin

    Hi all, a message from the Canon 5Dmk3 petition creator: thanks for your attention and support.

    Just one week since it was started, we are 105 strong. We are global – Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Indonesia, New Zealand, Thailand, UK, USA signees are in anger over losing files of wedding ceremonies, short films, or stills.

    The way petitions work is every time a new person signs up, an email with the petition text is sent to all those that I marked as addressees.

    The PR manager of Canon Business Imaging Australia have been in touch with me since the petition was started, advising the information on the problem and the petition was sent to Canon HQ in Japan – but only once, unfortunately, and I don’t feel it is enough for our recurring troubles to disappear.

    One of fellow supporters who had the freeze issue investigated by local Canon Service a year ago without success beginning of this week reported unexpected call from a Canon Service rep. He was asked a series of questions about the malfunction, told that there were only 2 cameras locally reported since, and advised of further follow up calls as internal investigation was on its way.

    Despite these positive signs of interest from their side, I’ve ramped up the plea by adding to the petition 17 new emails of high-rank Canon managers that I’ve found.

    If anyone of you happens to know your country email addresses of any Canon reps or local service centres, please send these through to me to maxim.drygin at, I’ll add them to the petition as a means to increase involvement of other Canon employees into the problem that we’re eager to resolve.

    Lastly, I’d like to ask everyone of you guys to sign up for the petition yourself if you’re concerned – you don’t have to have had this issue to join in if you genuinely support the idea of professional gear problem to be treated professionally –

    Maxim Drygin

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