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Magic Lantern Has A New Website

Magic Lantern

Magic Lantern on the Canon EOS M

It was pretty quiet in the last months, we didn’t hear anything about new releases or new supported cameras. But Magic Lantern has a newly designed webpage, that is much easier to navigate than the old one. Still the cameras that are supported by a final release of ML (2.3) are:

  • 5D Mark II
  • 50D
  • 60D
  • 500D
  • 550D
  • 600D

Magic Lantern

Audio settings

Magic Lantern

Overlay settings

Support for other Canon cameras is in the work, you can take nightly builds or alpha releases (be careful with both!). I hope a release that’s at least at beta level for the EOS M will soon be available. And I hope for ML for the EOS 70D! :) Actually these are the cameras that have at least an alpha release: 5D, 5D3, 6D, 7D, 40D, 650D (T4i), 700D (T5i), 1100D (T3), EOS M, 100D (SL1). An exhaustive FAQ can be found here.

The ML team is working hard to give us all the Magic on these cams. Support them if you can.


  • OLY

    wow waht a great news… in the meanwhile: SONY NEX A7R CANON KILLER!!

  • Lut

    sony A7R with just one native lens.. yeah that´s sure a canon killer you retard.

    the sony systems sux big time… no matter if the sensors are good or not.

  • Admin

    well there is no ML for the Sony’s :)

    • peevee

      With both focus peaking and zebras, and 60p out of the box, they don’t need ML. ;-)

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