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Mysterious Canon Hong Kong Teaser For Announcement On April 24th (updated)

Announcement On April 24th

thanks to the user who sent in the link

update #3: It’s the Powershot G1X Mark II :-)

update #2: the discussion about what the teaser means is going wild on Canon Hong Kong’s Facebook page. Suggestions go from a b&w DSLR to all sort of lenses. Keep in mind that this is a regional announcement and I don’t think Canon will announce something very important. Although, the teaser seems to point to a lens.

update: The teaser text is quoting Jun’ichirō Tanizaki, an important author of modern Japanese literature. Tanizaki wrote an essay about aesthetics titled In Praise of ShadowsThe exact quote, found in the book, is

Beauty lies not in objects, but in the interaction between the shadow and light created by objects.


[original post:]

Very weird and unintelligible (for me) teaser posted by Canon Hong Kong on their Facebook page.

Something is going to happen on April 24th, but I couldn’t find any hint helpful enough to understand what the teaser is suggesting. I tried the automatic translation of the text coming with the teaser, but couldn’t really understand anything. See for yourself (Bing translated):

The Dhamma (Cantonese tone ngai3, formed by the homonym), to be obscure; representative of praise, adoration praise with a heart of praise; “Yin Dhamma celebration” on behalf of tribute to dark, dark. As author tanizaki’s comment, the beauty does not exist on the object, while in between the object and object of no deep shadow and light and shade

The last phrase about beauty could be interpreted as “the beauty does not exist in the object, but between the object and the shadow of the object, and between light and dark“.

[via Canon Hong Kong on Facebook]
  • Probably again as always some cheap confusing product that nobody wants. Canon didn’t treat us nicely for many years. I forgot that happy feeling of being a Canonist.

  • Wade Marks

    I like the Japanese text…very poetic.

  • Felonius

    Must be something they’re going to claim will improve shadow detail… I’m guessing/hoping some sort of new sensor with extra DR. Could be a lens with a larger aperture, but seems less likely. Tough guess…

    • Cinekpol

      “I’m guessing/hoping some sort of new sensor with extra DR.” – wishful thinking. If they’d go for that – we’d hear rumors about new camera release at least month earlier. Meanwhile it seems like nothing new will come this month.

    • canonwatch

      This is a regional announcement, I don’t think they will announce a new DSLR or something really important. Still have no clue what it is about.

      • Felonius

        The image definitely looks lens-ish. Maybe a new 50mm with an f <= 1.2? But then why regional?

        I still can't think of anything that "makes sense", though, especially as a regional release. Any talk of a B&W dSLR should be met with the scrutiny as my mention of a new sensor. In theory, a flash would make some sense, but then I'd think the teaser would say more about light than shadow. (of course, that could be a red herring…)

  • Cinekpol

    Sounds like a new flash.

  • SY Yeung

    It’s G1X Mk II

    • canonwatch

      you were right :-)

  • I’d say its the LONG, LONG, LONG, LONG awaited 50mm 1.4 replacement. I now don’t know why they bother..Sigma’s offering is probably beating the 50L and will probably beat this new rumored 50mm 1.4 hands down.
    After being a 5D user for years I got really pissed off with Canon and jumped over to the Olympus EM1…What a camera!! Blazing fast autofocus + The lenses alone wipe the floor with Canon’s same price offerings..The Canon & Nikon DSLR’s will soon be a dying breed. Check out the quality of this photographer from Russia using the EM1 for weddings, Click images for larger versions, They are beautiful –

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