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A New Canon Mirrorless Camera is Coming in 2015 (70D sensor, and new lenses)


The highly underestimated Canon EOS M

I got new emails regarding a Canon mirrorless camera I think will be announced in 2015. I give this rumor a high plausibility to be true.

While these are new sources, at least one of them showed a good insight in Canon’s business. I am usually very conservative when it comes to publish the rumors that fill up my inbox. I decided to post because the emails are largely identical, covering similar aspects (as mentioned below).

What we can expect (it’s not much that leaked so far):

  • Canon wants to go serious with mirrorless technology (Canon themselves confirmed it in a recent interview)
  • The next M-system camera will sport the sensor of the EOS 70D – my take: though one of the sources stated it will be the 7D2 sensor, I believe Canon will go for the 70D sensor.
  • Hence, it will have 20MP and the game changing Dual Pixel CMOS auto-focus.
  • Canon is trying to miniaturise things as much as it is possible – expect a truly small and lightweight body
  • Minimal physical controls – Canon will further optimise the already excellent touch interface introduced with the EOS M (and other DSLRs) – this is also necessary in order to keep the body size as small as possible
  • There will be more EF-M lenses in 2015 – we have been told there will be two EF-M prime lenses coming before end of 2015 – no mention about the focal length. Personally I think at least one of them will be a 35mm pancake lens with at least f/2.8
  • One source stated there will be an optional EVF (electronic viewfinder) – which I think is a reliable information. If it is true that Canon will try to make this MILC as small as possible no other viewfinder option is feasible.
  • Announcement before Summer 2015

As usually, take everything with a grain of salt. The only thing I am pretty sure to be true is that Canon will announce a new mirrorless camera soon, and that it will be a cool piece of gear.

I also got mentions of a full-frame mirrorless camera Canon is rumored to be actively researching. Read about here.

Let me know what you think in the comment section.

  • Eric Chan

    No EVF means nothing serious

    • Keith Reeder

      Canon is market leader they don´t need innovations.
      They can sell 18 MP sensors who were developed 6-7 years ago and people will buy it.
      Sony is clearly making better Cameras today but Sony does not have the market position Canon has.

    • Another Thought

      There is an EVF. Optional EVF. Not the same as no EVF.

  • Peter

    A mirrorless camera from Canon in 2015…WOW! Breaking news!

  • Glup Glup Glup

    Canon your ship is sinking fast lol

    • Keith Reeder

      What planet it is this on, exactly?

      Now if you’d said “SONY your ship is sinking fast”, you’d be dead right – bet you that Sony is bankrupt and GONE by this time next year…

      • Canon is a sinking ship

        Sounds like we need to throw you a life raft to

        • 5678654324

          that guy ia a moron par excellance….

      • 34675432

        oh keith the ahole again.. fighting for canon 24/7 on the internet. get a job you clown.

  • Bob Howland

    Fine, wonderful, assuming that this isn’t the ONLY new mirrorless camera that Canon introduces. An external EVF just doesn’t cut it, especially if it uses the flash shoe where my 270EX should be.

  • Crash

    Depending on the price, it will have 7D2/70D(SAME) sensor or it will have even newer one. If this will be to compete cheap mirrorless, It will be medicore product made from all parts in the garrage.

  • CompGUY

    No EVF or IBIS at least on this model hopefully there will others announced this year. Used an A6000 for a bit makes me want to upgrade my 50D to something of the same size and feature set

  • Eric Chan

    As small as possible probably means it won’t be as high end as others?

  • SteveHood

    It looks like they want to go with the same form factor as the Nikon 1 so I don’t expect it to sell well outside of Asia. Most of the rest of the world is looking for something more substantial including manual controls and built-in EVF.

  • Pulverized

    the eos m is not underestimated.
    look at the A6000… it´s every bit the better camera.
    canon has createdt a “mirrorless” that has nearly no benefits of a mirrorless beside weight and size.
    and it has an outdated sensor… a medicocre AF.
    for 199 euro.. yeah i buy it.. unfortunately canon wants over 350 euro for it.. good joke…

    • Another Thought

      EOS M has touchscreen, A6000 no. Touchscreen is great on small mirrorless. Also EOS M has high quality affordable lenses. The high quality lenses for A6000 are all expensive.

    • Kevin Levrone

      The EOS-M is still the smallest mirrorless APS-C interchangeable lens camera, and this, along with the much superior color rendering and great lenses, were the facts that made me sell my NEX-5N and Sony RX100 for the Canon offering.

  • Caerolle

    The dual-pixel sensor is a great addition, and I would love a mirrorless system from Canon. However, no EVF, and no physical controls, no interest from me. If they make a not-too-small body with a control system even as good as the SL1, and make some fast primes, we’ll see. But I am guessing this is really pitched at the Japanese market, where small, crippled Ms already sell like crazy as high-quality point-and-shoots, not for enthusiast photographers. Of course, the smartphone crowd in the West may like such a camera as an entry-level camera, too, maybe as well as the Rebels. Certainly would be better for them than the horrid T5.

  • thats it

    70D sensor, optional EVF, minimal physical controls..
    sounds like crap to me.

  • Kevin Levrone

    Every 3 months we get this rumor again, just enough to keep visiting the Canon-related sites :) I stopped believing in Canon releasing any cool stuff.

    I just hate the amount of mis-focused pictures I get from my EOS M.

    However, if Canon is really smart and keeps the size to a bare minimum (without EVF and other useless stuff for the target market) then it should be a winner, especially with the 7DII sensor. This is where Sony got it wrong: they enlarged their mirrorless cameras to DSLR size, instead of taking advantage of the possibilities offered by removing the DSLR internals.

  • annaty

    One just need look at the A6000 and its features for $500 to realize that Canon is not serious about mirrorless. If they cant make a serious competitor than why bother?

    • Another Thought

      The A6000 has its strong points and does represent strong value in the market. However, the A6000 feels like a toy, and I would bet the Canon M build quality is higher and will hold up better over time.

      There’s not only the cost of the body but the lenses. The A6000 doesn’t have strong lenses at lower price points; the best lenses are the Zeiss lenses which tend to be expensive. The lenses for the EOS M are all great and reasonably priced.

      If Canon does deliver a mirrorless with Dual Pixel AF, touchscreen, EVF or optional EVF…then that will be a winner in my book.

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