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New Novoflex Adapters For Canon EOS-M (and for the EOS system)

German company Novoflex (use the “Adapter finder”, select EOS M or EOS, and then select the lens type) has announced adapters for the EOS M system. Made in Germany and highest build quality. A lot of different lense bayonets are supported. Live view functionality is also supported. Moreover, these adapters are the only ones that allow for a mechanical setting of the aperture of Nikkor-G-, Pentax-K-, Sony Alpha- and Minolta-AF lenses. See the following list to get an idea:

  • Canon FD (not EOS) EOSM/CAN 119,00 Euro
  • Contax/Yashica EOSM/CONT 119,00 Euro
  • Leica M EOSM/LEM 149,00 Euro
  • Leica R EOSM/LER 119,00 Euro
  • Minolta MD and MC EOSM/MIN-MD 119,00 Euro
  • Minolta AF/Sony Alpha EOSM/MIN-AF 169,00 Euro
  • M42 EOSM/CO 89,00 Euro
  • Nikon EOSM/NIK 169,00 Euro
  • Novoflex A-Mount EOSMA 69,90 Euro
  • Olympus OM EOSM/OM 119,00 Euro
  • Pentax K EOSM/PENT 169,00 Euro
  • T2 EOSM/T2 89,00 Euro
  • 39 mm Schraubgewinde EOSMLEI 89,90 Euro

If you have some legacy lenses you want to use with Canon's EOS M (or other, EOS DSLRs), this is the adapter for you!

[via photoscala (translated)]


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