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Canon Rebel T7i and Rebel T7s to feature 28MP sensor, one may come with DPAF [CW2]

canon rumorscanon rumors

I’ve been told that the Canon Rebel T7i and Rebel T7s may feature a 28MP sensor. One of this new Canon Rebels may also feature DPAF.

Just a few days ago we had a leak about some unreleased Canon gear which showed up at a Russian certification authority. I guess the next Canon Rebels are on this list.

While I think it’s fair to assume the next Rebels may have a 28MP sensor, I have some doubts about Dual Pixel AF to be featured on a Canon Rebel. I am not sure if Canon will implement its first tier on-sensor AF on an “entry-level” DSLR. So far, Canon made a clear distinction between camera models with and without DPAF. Since they didn’t give it to the EOS M3 (where it was for sure more needed than on a Rebel), I doubt Canon will feature it on a Rebel. However, as usual anything is possible.

The next Canon Rebels were rumored to be announced before CES 2017 by sources other than mines but we didn’t see no new entry-level DSLR so far, and CES is over. The new candidate announcement date is somewhen in February.  It’s still unclear when Canon will announce them. Also, no specs so far.

If you have suggestions please sound off in the comment section. Stay tuned!

  • Chaitanya

    Highly doubt Canon will put DPAF in an EOS XXXD series of camera body. I hope they finally upgrade the SD Slot to UHS-II capable one rather than old UHS-I one.

  • frgramar

    I would be surprised if they actually didn’t have DPAF, they are competing against APS-C from Sony and Fuji with very advanced hybrid focusing systems.

    • vau

      I think the 100D is not an entry level camera, it’s just dated.

    • Rick

      the T6(i/s) has PDAF .. the need for liveview AF is more limited.

      • nestea

        Of course they have PDAF, every DSLR has PDAF, how else would it focus through the viewfinder.

        They could use some better Liveview focusing system on the other hand.

        • Rick

          yeah but read what i was responding to. it sounds like the dude thinks that DPAF is necessary for the primary AF system.

  • pbl

    Interesting. Rather than differentiate by form factor, I wonder whether they would add DPAF to T7s only while using same body and functions for a slightly cheaper T7i. Also curious to know whether they are going to finally drop AA filters, while most, if not all other manufacturers have abandoned it.

  • vau

    My bet is that they will come up with something leaning towards the SL1/100D in size and capability, and with something that resembles the 80D. Frankly, I don’t think they need more. The product lines are confusing already.

  • Rick

    I don’t see why not.

    Canon must have updated their fabs over those years where they “halted” new sensors and re-used the 18mp for 3 years too long. when the 70D came out they said it was an expensive sensor to fabricate however, they have to have reduced the costs overtime, and increased the yields, that just naturally happens as processes get better.

  • Winston Setiawan

    24MP vs 28MP is nothing – I would like to see if the new sensor has improved DR and shadow noise

    • David

      Maybe the pointless increase to 28mp is the result of the marketing department begging for anything that can be used in advertising, while the engineers don’t really have much else. It will be the highest resolution available on aps-c though.

  • dave

    Interesting stuff here. Looking forward to the next few months of announcements. Can anyone shed light on why Canon’s refresh rates on the Rebel lineup seem to be almost yearly, but the rest of the EOS line up every 3-5 years?

    • pbl

      It used to be like a year or so and has become like 2 years since the T6. The Rebel’s are their cash-cows. I guess low development cost by recycling the sensor of the XXD’s with minimum upgrade elsewhere. What’s new is always better isn’t it? They always keep at least two models on the shelves so the buyers of the last one pay for the bulk of the dev cost while the older models are quite often sold as affordable sets with a ton of small items and the 75-300mm which nobody wants to buy anyway:). Rebel’s are always among the top sellers. Since they also are DSLR’s and sell with kit lenses, it might also be about making bigger numbers vs competition

      Now, if this rumors with new sensor(s) holds true, that would be a departure from their usual approach. Let’s see.

    • BlueSkromanticies

      It’s not every year anymore, it’s now every 2 years.

      T6i came out in february 2015.
      T5i came out in march 2013.

  • animalsbybarry

    If true (CW only rates it as CW2 or 3, not as absolutely certain as you claim)
    This would be quite a sensible entry into FF mirrorless
    Simply offer the same camera in a dslr and mirrrorless version that seamlesslesslyvintegrate into the existing system

    Sony took the approach of building a brand new E mount system , Abandoning A mount for years, offering countless short lenses but not a single long lens, and after after years of encouraging thier A mount users to abandon A mount and buy E mount finally building a new A mount camera

    I see it any wonder that with just a single M5 …. a rather mediocre camera…. Canon has taken away Sony’s 2nd place mirrorless market share and pushed them to third place

    This will possibly be a death blow for Sony

    E mount still has no long lenses , and A mount is a dead system that will never sustain Sony imaging

    And when Nikon finally enters the FF mirrorless market….
    Why would consumers choose Sony with nothing but endless countless variations of almost identical short focal length lenses when they can get Canon or Nikonwith a full selection of lenses including long lenses
    I am very anxious to see if Nikon makes a new mirrorless with the revelation art sensor they recently patented
    2 layers of dual pixel PD one layer verticle, one horizontal forming all crosspoints, and 6 colors

    CMY on the first layer, RGB on the second

  • lessthanmore

    I am soo waiting for the announcement, want to finally replace my T2i / 550D. If they get DPAF that would be really nice, but I care more about image quality and autofocus (while taking photos).

    • CW Steve

      have you considered the 70D? it’s still a great camera, it has DPAF, a lot of semi-pro features, and can be found for a good price.

      • lessthanmore

        I have, but I prefer the size of the XXXD range, and there is not much difference in image quality, so I don’t think it is worth it for me. If the new rebels will be a disappointment in terms of new tech, I will probably go with a 750D.

  • zogzog

    The article reference to EOS M3 makes no sense. That product is two years old. The competition is much tougher today, and Canon has spent the time getting extensive practice with DPAF, having produced no less than three new ILCs released since then (80D, 5D IV and M5).

    There is no reason to believe that the optimal economical and technical decision today would be the same as it was in 2015.

  • cant wait for the new releases. Go beasty!

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