Canon PowerShot G15 Reviewed By Gizmodo

Canon PowerShot G15 Reviewed By Gizmodo

Gizmodo published its Canon PowerShot G15 review, Canon’s latest iteration of the enormously popular PowerShot series. This enthusiasts’ compact camera sports a very fast lens (f/1.8) in a small housing with all the manual controls you may wish. RAW is also supported, price is around $500. Let’s start with what Gizmodo thinks about the design:

Kudos on this one, Canon. Where looks are concerned, the G15 goes the distance. Everything is well-proportioned and well-placed, with an understated, sleek, yet classic look to it. It is small-ish and more compact than the camera it replaces, the G12.

Image quality:

The images you will produce are quite nice. For a compact, it packs decent sharpness and solid high ISO performance, with an ISO range topping out at 12800.

About the lens:

That ultra-fast f/1.8-2.8 aperture makes for low-light goodness and a shallow depth of field. Even the terrific Sony RX100 can’t match that at the long end.

Image samples are provided.

Technical specifications:

  • 12.1MP CMOS Sensor
  • 3.0″ LCD Monitor
  • 5x Optical Zoom 6.1-30.5mm Lens
  • 28-140mm 35mm Equivalent Focal Length
  • DIGIC 5 Image Processor
  • 1080p HD Video Capture
  • 12800 ISO
  • Intelligent IS Image Stabilization
  • 10fps Continuous Capture
  • RAW & JPEG Capture

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More Canon EOS M Sample Pictures Published

DPreview just posted a batch of Canon EOS M (production model) sample shots.

[dpreview] had a chance to shoot with the Canon EOS M, the [Canon’s] first mirrorless camera, over a weekend on Santa Fe, New Mexico. Shooting exclusively with the 22mm F2 prime lens, [dpreview] prepared a gallery of real-world images shot in a variety of situations and under a range of lighting conditions. In addition to camera JPEGs, we’ve processed a series of images at different ISO settings through the latest version of Adobe Camera Raw.

There is also a rather significant sentence:

[…] it’s hard to shake the impression that a potentially promising camera risks being undermined by woefully slow autofocus.

If you live in Europe you can get the Canon EOS M at DigitalRev with a concrete discount, usually €200 less than other EU-based online shops.

Canon EOS M price check: B&H Photo, Adorama, Amazon USA, Amazon CA, KEH Camera, BestBuy, Canon CA, Canon USA

[Humor] Is This Real: iOS, Android and Windows 8 Running On Canon DSLRs?

iOS on a Canon DSLR

The images showed up on Sina Weibo, the Chinese sibling to Twitter. The pics show three mobile operating systems running on Canon (and Nikon) DSLRs: Google's Android, Apple's iOS and Microsoft's Windows 8. Moreover, a game (Fruit Ninja, Counter Strike) looks as running and be playable (with the control buttons of a DSLR it must be funny).

Obviously a hoax (why just pics and no clips?), even if it looks real. May be easy to make: just upload some images to the camera? :-) As far as hacking can go, this is not feasible. Maybe in some gadget lover's dreams.

[micgadget via redmondpie]
Counter Strike


Zeiss Apo Sonnar 135mm f/2 ZE First Impressions (by The Phoblographer)

Video above: Michael Schiehlen, Sales Director at Carl Zeiss, introduces the new tele lens Apo Sonnar T* 2/135.

The Phoblographer had the opportunity to briefly test the new Zeiss Apo Sonnar 135mm f/2 ZE lens (Canon mount) on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. As expected first impressions of this high end lens are totally positive. Sample shots are provided. Quoting The Phoblographer:

As a slightly long portrait lens or for non-macro closeups the Zeiss 135mm f/2.0 is an upper class contender. It is super sharp with the typical micro-contrast that Zeiss optics give, and it also provides a clinically clean and beautiful look that is valued by many photographers willing to pay top dollar for what they put in front of their camera sensor. In fact, when a Zeiss lens is put on a Canon body, it only seems like the white balancing right out of the camera just becomes better vs actual Canon glass. We’re looking forward to putting this one through its pace

More on Carl Zeiss' homepage

Zeiss Apo Sonnar 135mm f/2 ZE First Impressions
Image credit: The Phoblographer


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