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[Review] EOS 5D Mark III And Photographing Interviews – Tips And Tricks, And A Toolkit

Photographer Alexandros Maragos shares his thoughts about gear, light, electronics and more things that may be useful if not needed if you are shooting an interview. He uses an EOS 5D Mark III and an EOS 7D as backup body. If you are into this kind of photographic assignments, then you should have an eye on this post. There are lot of valuable informations.

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  • Roland

    The article seemed to be a really weak one. It was a lot more about that guy almost bragging about his gear. I,m not saying that it wasn’t well picked gear but the total cost for what he was using was easily in the 6000$+ range. <having that much money, you might have just as easily come to the same conclusions about what and when to use. But for most peaple having a 5dmk3 and 70-200 f2.8L II etc etc is just overkill for an interview, when the primary requirement is to have 1. good sound quality, 2 decent video qality(it's an interview after all, where there are lighter tolerances to how a picture needs to look.

    • Tom

      In case you didn’t notice, he was shooting one of the best DPs in the world.

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