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Rumor: Canon entry-level full-frame camera for Photokina?

It’s rumor time in the Canon galaxy! After the information about an upcoming mirror-less system by Canon, now another one of my sources notified me that Canon will announce an entry level full-frame camera at Photokina in September. Here the specifications I got:

  • Price tag below $2,000
  • 21MP sensor
  • Weather sealed body, but not at the same level as the EOS 5D Mark III
  • Simpler auto-focus system than the EOS 5D Mark III (could be the AF of the EOS 7D, which, btw, is a very powerful AF system)

I think the rumor is plausible. Nikon is said to introduce an entry-level FF (probably named D600) in the next months, and it is perfectly normal that Canon will try to counter it with an own entry-level FF camera. Let’s see. Looks like we will have a lot to discuss and speculate about in the next months. ;-)

  • matt

    I can´t say how much I would like to have a MIRORLESS entry level FF :(

    • TGIF

      haha, me neither. There are already a lot of good mirrorless stuffs in the market.

  • Bill

    Mirrorless would be great, but I have no hopes they would be that forward thinking. I’d be happy if they just put the full frame sensor in a Rebel sized body. And don’t anyone tell me they can’t squeeze that much technology in a smaller body!

  • Sean

    21 MP, simpler AF, weather sealed but not as well as 5D3, sub 2000….

    How is this different than the 5D2?

    • Forbes

      +1 Can’t really see much difference from the 5DmkII.

      I hope Canon starts concentrating on solidifying the 7D line. That’s much more interesting than an entry level FF that offers nothing new.

    • TGIF

      I expecte size is gonna be smaller and AF system is better than 5D2. otherwise..

      • otto

        It would offer something knew, it would be substantially more affordable, thus expanding the FF market.

  • I’m sad to say so, but there is already a FF entry-level DSLR from Canon: The Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Instead of establishing a new FF-model they could drop the price 200-300 $ and go for it :-)

  • trtrt

    FF enty level with the 7D autofocus and 21 MP would eat away a lot of the 5D MK3 buyers.

    i call that rumor buslls*t

    • Frank

      Not necessarily. A lot of people needs/wants a FF sensor. And there are lot of ways to avoid eating away the 5d3 market share. Less fps, simpler video modes, the AF that has been mentioned.
      I do not know if it is b***s**t or not, it’s a rumor. We will see. Personally, I think it’s possible that Canon will release an entry level FF. I would like to see a Canon FF below $2,000.

    • Or actually it might get people onboard who think the 5d3 is too expensive (for their budget). I don’t want to get the aging 5D2 ( which has the same AF as the 550D, which I’m not thrilled about), but a 2000 euro 5D2 with 7D AF would be my camera.
      Not in a rush though, I’ll spend the money whenever it comes ^^

    • ypo

      But since profit margins are much higher for lenses, Canon would capitalize by having a greater number of FF bodies out in the market.

  • 5D X

    This sounds like the old Canon 21mp FF sensor used on the 5D Mk II. This is going to be bad for Canon if true as it will get trounced by the Nikon D600 which will have the new 2nd-generation Sony 24mp FF sensor. This new sensor will likely match or even beat the 22mp sensor on the 5D Mk III.

  • Forbes

    Canonrumors had this on a possible 7DmkII

    “Two bits of info say an APS-C camera capable of 10fps is in testing, the same camera also has a variation of the 61pt AF system found in the 5D Mark III and 1D X. No mention of megapixels or any other features of the prototype.”

    Now that sounds more realistic. Is there really any need for a cheap FF? This would be much more interesting. (But I guess a lot of people are still stuck on sensor size, rather than practical features.)

  • Mike1

    Combining the AF of 7D and the IQ of 5D2 with a price of under $2000, I think it’s a good offer. If the weather sealing is as good as 7D, definitely I’ll consider it against the upcoming D600.

  • Toli

    Camera manufacturing such as Canon, Nikon and Sony competed to introduction their entry level FF camera ≤ $ 2000 who else on the block able to do ≤ $ 1599 Panasonic, Pentax, Olympus or Samsung… :)

  • Pete

    I hope this rumor its a true , I was weaitng for 5d mk 3 to the time when they asked 3000 GBP for it – madness . I dont need a hd movie options in the camera and dont wont to pay for it . Perfect camera would be with 7d af system and 21 mpix in sealed FF body , and under 1800£ . I hope it will hapend becouse Im stuck with old 5d –

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