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Rumor: No Canon EOS 7D Replacement at CP+ (and new tidbits about high end DSLR with hybrid viewfinder)

EOS 7D Replacement EOS 7D Replacement

We are getting closer to CP+ (2/13-16), and rumors start coming in again.

We have been told (thanks) that Canon will neither announce the replacement for the EOS 7D, nor their new, rumored APS-C flagship at CP+.

We have also been told (thanks #2) that the new, high-end DSLR with hybrid viewfinder Canon is rumored to work on will have an APS-C sensor. When previously reporting about this I couldn’t be sure about the sensor size. So, this DSLR could be sort of a replacement for the EOS 7D. I write “sort of” because I have been told that this camera shouldn’t be seen as the successor of the 7D, instead it is a completely new entry in Canon’s APS-C line-up. The name that was suggested is EOS-A1.

The high-end DSLR is said to have a megapixel count that matches the highest resolution sensors out there (but no word about the real resolution). The DSLR is optimized for the best possible still and video performance, video is said to be the best ever seen on a DSLR. But this is the most important information: the camera is said to have a hybrid viewfinder, i.e. it combines optical viewfinder and electronic viewfinder. The electronic viewfinder would be for video (according to the sources). If the suggestion about the sensor size is reliable, then the hybrid viewfinder enabled DSLR most probably is Canon’s new APS-C flagship.

What to expect for CP+, if something at all? A replacement for the Powershot G1 X is murmured, or there could be new Rebels/EOS xxxD cameras, i.e. replacements for the Rebel T5i/EOS 700D and/or the Rebel SL1/EOS 100D.

  • azazhel

    Any info about possible timeframe of the announcement or the price of the A1 device?

    • canonwatch

      Not yet but I am working on it :-)
      As for the announcement date: I have been told that it should be announced during 2014 (probably in Q3-Q4).

      • azazhel

        Thanks and keep up with good work!

  • Cinekpol

    “video is said to be the best ever seen on a DSLR” – Don’t care. How about STILLS that are the best ever seen on a DSLR? You see “DSLR” is NOT a camcoder.

    Sort out your priorities Canon. It’s great when DSLR got the best video quality, but it shouldn’t be what you focus on. Canon lags badly behind competition in terms of stills quality in APS-C cameras (they still can’t best Sony DSLRs from 2010!!!) yet they stubbornly insist on advertising video over stills and sorting this problem out.

    Other than that – seems like Canon plans to offer what Sony did since 2011 – camera with video-enabled viewfinder. Well done. How about moving forward?

    • Ahmad Al-Joboori

      Exactly, they already have the best video on the 1DC, they should concentrate on IQ for stills.
      The majority of Canon users still are photographers.

    • Jedy

      Photography at it’s most basic is just shutter speed, aperture and iso. I’m sure it must be harder for Canon to convince anyone but the minority pro market to regularly upgrade when consumer cameras from past years are more than good enough. That plus, I’m sure, the csc and mobile phone markets taking away sales of dslrs. Canon seem to be targeting the video market in order to shift new cameras with ‘must have’ features. it’s a shame though as deciding to use a dslr for video is usually only a cost issue – setting one up/buying a rig is always a compromise compared to a dedicated semi-professional digital video camera.

  • kab

    no mirrorless announcements anticipated at CP+?

    • Cinekpol

      I think Canon waits to see if mirrorless will even survive the storm or will it become totally niche product that gained foothold only in few Asian countries.

      Cause right now, with huge decline on a global mirrorless market investing any further money in that is rather doubtful decision. If Canon got any money to spare – they should focus on improving their sensors. Not toying with mirrorless.

  • bibi

    G1X replacement seems highly predictable ad this product is 2 years old now and competion is hurting Canon on this segment (Olympus Stylus 1 & Sony RX10). Considering EOS 700D/100D replacements seem too soon as these bodies are less than 1 year old…And what about SX50 HS replacement ???

  • rsmith22

    The real question is: Who actually uses a viewfinder for video?

    • Michael Holbrook

      not that much different than a loupe on the lcd screen.

    • Jedy

      A high end camera with a flip out screen and attachable loupe over the lcd would be much more beneficial than a hybrid viewfinder.

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